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by wallander83
2020-06-14 15:06, Sunday
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Topic: ATOMIC Efile
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Re: ATOMIC Efile

I really like the italy campaign. Bloody 88er and bunker in the italian mountains.*g*

Is this working as intended?
by wallander83
2020-03-10 17:15, Tuesday
Forum: Open General
Topic: OpenGen Questions & Bugs - Latest exe: (13-May-2020))
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Re: OpenGen Questions & Bugs - Latest exe: (6-Mar-2020))

Icon Pack: adding new LE* icons, upgrading and fixing some older ones

What are LE+ icons? sorry for the noob question.
by wallander83
2020-02-16 22:28, Sunday
Forum: Equipment Files
Topic: Kaiser Efile corner
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Re: Kaiser Efile corner

After my graphics card burned out and i switched over to the internal intel card, i get to play many adventure or older games. I came across the Open General(I played the PGII and mods many years ago) and i am addicted. I played the old kaiserreich mod for Hearts of Iron but the historically accurac...