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by Duke Falcon
2019-10-09 18:24, Wednesday
Forum: Designers’ Corner
Topic: ICONS: Requests
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Re: ICONS: Requests

Saw the Bergepanther on the list ... r.png/file

Alu-grey template featuring the boxed variant (ausf. A if I remember), who wants drop whatever colour or camo on it for wished icons.
by Duke Falcon
2019-10-09 17:36, Wednesday
Forum: Open General
Topic: Suite-OG. Questions & Bugs - Latest exe: (11-Feb-2020)
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Re: OpenSuite Questions & Bugs - Latest exe: (26-Sep-2019)

I create the icons you see below. I hope they are more clear than the previous ones. It is hard to create a icon showing "Bocage", but now it should be easier to distinguish both icons :lol And the other icons as well. I can not upload and show a bmp-file but when we come to an agreement i will sen...
by Duke Falcon
2019-10-06 15:53, Sunday
Forum: People’s General Forum
Topic: Modern Warfare - WiP
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Modern Warfare - WiP

Yes, I am also care about PeG not only OG (albeit I know almost nothing about PeG). I made the Sengoku mod for PeG (semi-historical&semi-fictional, see my e-files topic for it) and now I working on the Modern Warfare. But this is how I see it: this is a chance in a lifetime. I can't afford to miss t...
by Duke Falcon
2019-10-01 18:15, Tuesday
Forum: Steel & Lace – The Pub
Topic: Name the Pub Contest
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Re: Name the Pub Contest

My suggestion may like

"Panzerkaiser's Fest - Bier, Kartoffeln und Sauerkraut!"

Or for a simplicity of a randomly chosen historical name: Hatakeyama Shigetada


Yeah, I am not here to win...
by Duke Falcon
2019-09-23 19:17, Monday
Forum: Equipment Files
Topic: Duke Falcon's E-files - links in the post!
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Duke Falcon's E-files - links in the post!

As a main post, here and now, you can gather some information about my e-folders, e-files and mods I created for the different Generals. Currently these are as much as but the list may expand later. Please, here you shall not find any WW2 things at all. This topic is for different themes, styles, ca...
by Duke Falcon
2019-09-23 17:32, Monday
Forum: Steel & Lace – The Pub
Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

So I registered here today! And what else could be a proper first post than say:

Hello everyone! Nice to see you again!