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Blitzkrieg! by Craig Miller for Oronzo R1 Efile.

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CC I Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-03-11 13:41, Monday

JP's Panzers PG2 Challenge Campaign #1

Craig Miller's
with Oronzo R-1 efile


Surrogate Introductory Note

This was our very first JP's Panzers Challenge Campaign. At the time when this Challenge was started our forums weren't even on these ez-boards -- they were on the now-defunct InsideTheWeb. So we don't even have the introductory post anymore.

The Challenge was to play Craig Miller's "Blitzkrieg!" campaign using Oronzo's range-1 equipment file at 33% prestige. In those days we hadn't yet invented the multi-layered prestige settings. There was just one prestige setting: 33%.

Many people have asked how you can get 33% prestige when the prestige dial only moves in increments of 25. Well, all you have to do is click in the prestige modifier box, backspace to erase the number, and type in your own number. In this case "33". :)

Though we've played many Challenges since this one, and we have added and changed many of the rules, the key rule was still the same then as it is now: HAVE FUN!

Joel T. Illian
The Whoopy-Cat


Updating notes to CC1

Extended prestige levels palette:
Field Marshal's Challenge -- 33% (or lower) - original difficulty level for CC1
General's Challenge -- 50% prestige
Officer's Challenge -- 75% prestige
NCO's Challenge -- 100% prestige
Troopies Challenge -- 101% (and above)

Required campaign path:
You have to use the campaign called Blitzkrieg! by H Craig Miller and you will need to take the following two results to keep you on the right track (and to make it through to the scroll of honour)...
- regular Victory at Dunkirk
- regular Victory at Klin.

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Download package for OpenGen:

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