Playing Past CC's with OpenGen instead of PG2

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Playing Past CC's with OpenGen instead of PG2

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 11:42, Sunday

Here is the latest update on this subject:
will playing the PG2 version with Open Gen count for the Scroll?

Yes Starting with Open Gen 0.60 you can use Open Gen instead of PG2 2.20 exe to run any of old PG2 challenges, and still be counted for the Scroll provided that you play at a different difficulty level compared to your last try (in case you already have played the challenge). Please note that using earlier versions of Open Gen will not count for the scroll. (this has to do with the substantial changes to the Open Gen AI for the 0.60 release)
...and what do we do with campaigns like Rising Sun where you have an Open version and the PG2 version? Will playing the Open version with OpenGen count for the Scroll?
In case there are two versions of the same campaign (one Open version and one PG2 version) so will have to use the version that was used in the original CC. (In this particular case you will have to use the PG2 version of Rising Sun since this was the one that was used in the CC) (When it comes to MAK on the other hand you will have to use the Open Gen version and not an older PG2 version)

Important message to players using Open Gen instead of PG2 when playing old challenge campaigns!!!

Players embarking on a CC using the Open Gen should know that they do it at their own risk. Old challenge campaigns have NOT been playtested using Open Gen, and if the old challenges turn out to play much differently (like getting 21cm arty prototypes in CC40) they should contact the CC team in order to check if their run will still be valid for the Scroll. The CC team has not time to monitor all CC runs, and we don't have time to playtest 50 old challenge campaigns to control how they play with the new game engine.

As of April 16, 2012 any CC's completed in either PG2 or OG without the correct efile will not count for the scroll! That means a PG 2 campaign played in OG that say had the AK efile can NOT use Open AK in OG and qualify for the scroll!!


Again this decision is not open for discussion. At this point we think this is fair.
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