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CC General Information, FAQs and the Momstitution©

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 11:44, Sunday

(by Whoopy-Cat)

Please let me explain. We are operating on an honor system with the Challenge Campaigns. The non-competitive nature of the Challenge Campaigns is what we think separates them from PBEM or live on-line multiplayer. It's what sets the Challenge Campaign format apart. And we think it's why you are playing the Challenge Campaigns with us... at least that's why some of you are here with us!

In the Challenge Campaigns we all play together as a team. Yes, we're playing the "stupid" A.I. (the only possible criticism of the format); but the advantage is not only does it allow you the opportunity to push yourself, if that is what you want to do. But also to just have fun and share a mutual experience with your "mates" -- which can be at least as much fun as actually playing the game.

I found PBEM to be the same way -- playing the game was indeed half the fun. But the other things that went along with playing a game by e-mail -- the chat messages in the "scenario description" dialogue box; the chit-chat in the e-mail message to which my turn was attached; watching the replay of my opponent's turn; sharing the experience with him -- all this was at least as much fun as actually playing the PG2. And I think these are very similar to the enjoyment we hope to provide in playing our Challenge Campaigns.

Posting your results. Reading the other guys' posts if you want. Describing your experience. Striving for the best, if that's your style. You can stick with something slightly challenging, but mostly fun, if that's what you like best. Pick the Challenge that fits you best. And feel free to change sizes as you see fit.

The idea is to have fun. The idea is to share a common experience. The idea is to make it through the Challenge Campaign no matter what level you play it at! So if you need to reload rather than restart the whole scenario or campaign over again, feel free to do so. You would have anyway, right? It still would have been your choice to announce to the world that you did so, or keep it to yourself, right? And no one would have thought badly of you even if you had reloaded. And we never could have proved you did anyway. So why not just make it officially acceptable.

Each time we play a Challenge Campaign, you will be asked to choose your own level of difficulty. We hope this will keep the Challenge Campaigns more suited for players of all skill levels.

Here are your choices (with their approximate prestige settings) :
1. The General of the Army Challenge- 0%. - this level is not always an option
2. The Field Marshal's Challenge - 25%. - this must always be very VERY hard - only the very best will ever complete this.
3. The General's Challenge - 50%.
4. The Officer's Challenge - 75%.
5. The NCO's Challenge - 100%.
6. The Troopie's Challenge - 100+% (any setting above 100%).

Please note that these prestige settings are variable with each new campaign, but these (above) are the general prestige guidelines.

Also, after finishing a challenge you will be added to the Scroll of Honor, in which we will list the names of everyone who finishes a Challenge Campaign victoriously. The difficulty level will be listed with each name. A specific medal will be awarded to you, accompanying your name on the scroll, depending on which level you played the Challenge Campaign.

To be eligible for the Scroll of Honor, we ask that you comply with the following rules:


1. Play with the specified Campaign and Equipment File for the current Challenge.
Do not update the campaign or E-file during the Challenge -- use the same one throughout (unless we find a radical error which needs fixed). The only variable will be the prestige setting; choose your own level from the five possible choices listed with each new Challenge Campaign.

2. Report your progress in the CC Campaign Progress Thread.
In the header please register your name and, at what level you're playing
Then report your progress scenario by scenario (BV, V, TV or Loss)..If you want to add aditional information like prototypes or core losses, please feel free to do so, but it isn't mandatory.
For example:
PzManiac CC 3 @ 50%
Scenario Result Prototype Loss
1. Madrid..............................BV....PzIVD..... One Infanterie

3. When using "the General of the Army Challenge, "Field Marshal's Challenge" or "General's Challenge" settings,
(The last rule applies ONLY to those playing at General of the Army level, the Field Marshal's or General's Challenge level), you will have to adhere to the following 2 rules

No reloading of a turn AND No reloading to get a prototype. The only way to correct your mistakes will be to restart the scenario from the beginning (so always keep a save game from the end of the previous scenario)

4. No editing
In addition regardless of what level you're playing at the use of a scenario editor to change a save game is strictly prohibited UNLESS you receive a Recon Movement leader on a towed arty or AD. In these cases you are allowed to switch leader to another type.

5. Post your AARs [optional rule]
Writing comments on your campaign progress, or so-called After Action Reports (AARs) is optional, but it can provide help for other players, and many of us like to read other players AARs and compare core army composition. Not all of us are as skilled as Daerandir or Highlander, but a few comments on a scenario is very much appreciated.

(by Whoopy-Cat)

I wanted to make several comments about our Challenge Campaigns, and the philosophy behind them.

Yes, we hope to teach players how to download, install and use different equipment files, campaigns, etc.

Yes, we think it's fun to share the experience of playing a campaign with a bunch of friends who are playing the same campaign.

Yes, it can be fun to challenge yourself to try to do better than you were previously capable of.

Yes, it can be fun to have a little friendly competition... a kind of non-competitive competition. (Who wouldn't love to be Jacek or one of the other Field Marshals, playing every campaign at the F.M. Level and kicking the computer's @ss?!?)

And, yes, we think that a bunch of buddies playing the exact same campaign will be able to learn and teach each other many things much quicker than simple hypothetical discussions about strategies and tactics. Hands-on learning is the best, no matter what your experience level is.

The Challenge Campaigns provide all these things, it's true...


The one, the only, the overriding goal and purpose behind the Challenge Campaigns is the same as the Foundation Principle upon which JP's Panzers is founded: FUN!

But it should be remembered that "fun" is defined differently for different players. Just as we each have our own personalities, and playing styles, we also have our own definitions of "fun".

One player may find that "fun", to him, is being challenged every step of the way -- Having to fight for every hex -- Being pushed to his limit every single turn of every single scenario. That's great! We hope we always make the Field Marshal's Level hard enough for that kind of general.

But another player may find that he defines "fun" in the same way that a kid playing with a yo-yo would: something done for pure enjoyment. This kind of player might want to play every Challenge Campaign at 300%. If the only way you can truly enjoy the game is to have an entire core army made up of King Tigers and JagdPanthers, then I hope you will understand that the Challenge Campaigns are for you too! No one will chastise you for the way you decided to seek fun in the Challenge Campaigns! You may not be learning as much as other generals are. You may not be pushing yourself to the limits of your abilities. But if that's how you define fun, please, be our guest! Play however you like!

And I think many of us are in the middle between these two extremems. We do want to be challenged, but if it means extreme frustration, then the fun has been diminished, not enhanced. While the first group I mentioned might thrive on the overwhelming frustration of being constantly pushed to his limits, some others may find that to be less fun than those people do. Some of us seek only a moderate challenge. We want to learn. We want to improve our skills. But if it means decreased levels of FUN, then something is wrong!

I was so pleased to see our good friend Bismark13 restart the Challenge. He realized that the level he was playing at was just too hard. You could read the frustration in his reports. He didn't sound like a general who was enjoying being pushed to his limits -- he sounded like a general who was at his wits' end!

And when he did restart, what word did he use to describe playing at an easier level? "FUN"!!!! He found his level!

I hope no one who plays at harder prestige levels, or anyone of our generals who belong to the first group I mentioned would ever think badly about Bismark for playing at an easier level. Because whatever else our Challenge Campaigns are designed to bring, FUN is the ultimate goal! Everything else is just icing on the cake!

And, quite frankly, I would put myself in that middle category (the third group I mentioned), and I think Bill would too. We want to be challenged. We want to learn. But, quite honestly, we aren't up to dazzling challenges designed to rip our heart out before we are finished using it. Some guys thrive on that kind of challenge. Not me! It only aggrevates me.

When I finish playing a session of PG2, I expect to walk away with a smile at least 90% of the time! And getting my @ss kicked does not generate a smile in this Whoopy-Cat! Playing above my skill level does not make me smile. It makes my head hurt! hee hee hee

I guess all I wanted to convey in this thread is that we all find different types of activities to be fun. And fun is what the Challenge Campaigns are all about. Anyone not in that first group I mentioned --the ones who thrive on the ultimate challenges-- should take a look at the prestige level they're playing these challenges at. If you are walking away from PG2 frustrated more often than not, you are playing at TOO HARD a level! Start over. Find a level at which you ARE comfortable. And then ENJOY it!

Someone somewhere might be snickering at you for playing at such an "easy" level, but let's face it, someone somewhere is probably snickering at you no matter what level you're playing at! Some are snickering at you because you're playing the A.I. Some people are snickering at you because you play silly little war games! Don't let any of those people bother you. NO ONE HERE IS GOING TO SNICKER AT YOU not matter WHAT level you play at!

We don't all define "fun" the same way. But we can all enjoy the same Challenge Campaign no matter how you define "fun".
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Re: CC General Information, FAQs and the Momstitution©

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 11:44, Sunday



As we often remind our players, there is never an ending date for any of our PG2 Challenge Campaigns. There is a date when our Challenges start, but players are always free to play past Challenge Campaigns any time they want. And, yes, you can indeed earn a place on the Scroll of Honor even if you play a Challenge months, or even years after most players finished it.


When playing past Challenge Campaigns, all the normal rules still apply (see the post above with the header Challenge Campaign rules), but a few things are, by necessity, different.

For instance, you should still keep track of your results and update your status regularly. You should give the new topic a subject line similar to...
" Replaying CC#5 -- January 2002 -STATUS-". Or something like that.
Be sure to put the word "STATUS" in the title, as well as "Replaying" and the Challenge Campaign number. This lets us know this isn't the Official STATUS thread from when the Challenge Campaign was originally being played.

As is the case when a Challenge Campaign is being played by the whole group, in your first post you should list each scenario and describe what type of victory you achieved for each scenario. You should also make a note when you finish the campaign. To do this, you don't have to keep adding more and more replies. Instead, all you have to do is edit your original post. To do so, use the 'Edit' link that appears under your name in the far left-hand column of that post. If you open the thread but cannot see an 'Edit' link under your name, try logging out and logging back in to ezboards. That usually fixes the problem.

Of course, just as in other Challenge Campaigns, you are welcome -- encouraged, even -- to start another thread which describes your campaign in detail. Even if the rest of us are playing a different Challenge, we enjoy reading how you are progressing in your campaign. Don't be afraid to give plenty of details such as force composition, strategies, and individual experiences if you want. Although we encourage these kinds of After Action Reports (AARs, for short), they are NEVER required. They do, however, enhance the fun of a Challenge Campaign greatly!


No. But...

Challenge Campaigns are best played in a group -- even a small group. A large portion of the fun involves sharing the experience with someone else who is playing the same campaign at the same time. If you want to play a particular past Challenge Campaign, try posting a new topic in the PG2 Campaigns Forum. Tell the others that you would like to play a certain Challenge, and ask if anyone else would like to join you. Unless a new Challenge was recently introduced, chances are you will find at least one other person who would also like to play that campaign.


As I said, Challenge Campaigns are best played in a group -- even if it's a small group. But if you can't find anyone else who wants to play a specific Challenge Campaign at the same time as you, feel free to play the Challenge by yourself. The rest of us will still enjoy hearing about your adventures! And you can still get a feel for what it was like for the other guys by reading their past After Action Reports in the appropriate Challenge Campaign Archive.

Of course, if you cannot find anyone else who wants to play that Challenge Campaign, there is no need to post a separate STATUS thread for just yourself. Instead, start a new topic and use the first post in that topic as your own personal STATUS. Edit that post whenever you finish a scenario, and if you wish, feel free to add replies below that post giving more detailed reports on your progress.


The place to start is the JP's Panzer Forums Index Page. Near the bottom of the Index Page you will see that each Challenge Campaign has its own archive. The first topics in each Challenge Campaign Archive are the STATUS and Introductory threads that were posted when that Challenge was first announced. The Introduction post should give all the details about that Challenge Campaign.

The only exception to that is Challenge Campaign #1. That Challenge was started at the old home of JP's Panzers Forums. As our first ever Challenge Campaign, some of the rules were different in those days. At that time we had only one prestige level -- 33%. (In the PG2 campaign settings screen you can enter numbers that are not multiples of 25 by clicking in the prestige box, backspacing, and typing in the number. That is how we played at 33% prestige.) You will notice that all subsequent Challenge Campaigns offer five different prestige levels.


Yes, if you are going to play at a different prestige level than the first time.

A player can be listed on the Scroll up to five or six times per Challenge Campaign (since there are always five or six different prestige levels available. If you want to replay the same Challenge five different times -- once at each of the five different prestige levels -- be our guest! We will be happy to put you on the Scroll five times if you complete the Challenge at each level!

Yes!! However, please note that some scenarios work differently (meaning some scenarios might be more difficult than the original scenarios, and some scenarios might be easier), so basically you're doing it at your own risk. For instance, a challenge at 0% with PG2 might not be doable at 0% with Open Gen, so don't complain if you're unable to finish the campaign at the lowest prestige settings.

NO!! As of April 16, 2012 any CC's completed in either PG2 or OG without the correct efile will not count for the scroll! That means a PG 2 campaign played in OG with Open AK instead of the regular AK efile will NOT qualify for the scroll!!


Especially when playing a past Challenge Campaign, if you want to be included on the Scroll of Honor, it is wise to call it to someone's attention when you complete the campaign. The easiest way to do this is to enter FINISHED in your subject header. This will call the attention to one of the mods that will put you up on the Scroll of Honour. Of course, be sure to include your prestige level and which past Challenge it was that you played.

And of course, if you have any further questions, please feel free to write to post in the PG2 Challenge Forum.


Most (but not all) campaigns have an original Challenge Campaign Announcement where the specific details for that particular challenge is given out. :bullhorn Please read this announcement before starting up a challenge. These announcements are to be found in the particular archive...So for details about CC11, check out the CC11 archive and look for the CC11 Challenge Campaign Announcement. If you can't find the announcement, please ask in the Challenge Campaign forum


Yes and no. When using an efile that is updated often (AK, LG, Composite efile, BK efile) you should use the latest version of the efile, since the efile makers are keen on hearing what you think. However you can ALWAYS use the efile included in the original CC announcement if you want to.

When playing a challenge involving an older efile, things are a bit more complicated. When it comes to old Waffenkammer campaigns such as CC5,6,7,8 etc. you should probably use the original WK efile, since the latest unofficial update seems to have changed the price structure of the e-file. When playing an old Pac efile CC like CC 12 CC12 you can either use the old version, or the newer at different prestige settings. Newer Pac efile challenges use the new version of the efile. When it comes to the Oronzo efile you should use the old R1 efile when playing CC1 and CC2, since the R2 efile is radically different. If you're in doubt on what efile version to use, just ask in the CC forum

CC1 was played on only one difficulty level (33%). Players wanting to play the campaign at a different difficulty level can of course do so. Here are the different options:

***** Field Marshal's Challenge -- 33% or lower *****

**** General's Challenge -- 50% prestige ****

*** Officer's Challenge -- 75% prestige ***

** NCO's Challenge -- 100% prestige **

* Troopies Challenge -- 101% and above *

Since we first played CC12 the Pacific efile has undergone a change from a low-price efile to a medium-high price efile. This means that when replaying CC12 with a newer version of the Pacific efile (3.0 and above) you will need to use a different set of difficulty levels instead of the ones that were in the original announcement.


***** Field Marshal's Challenge -- 50% or lower *****

**** General's Challenge -- 100% prestige ****

*** Officer's Challenge -- 150% prestige ***

** NCO's Challenge -- 200% prestige **

* Troopies Challenge -- 251% and above *

Please note that there are several campaigns called Blitzkrieg by Craig Miller, or the so-called Millerblitz. To avoid confusion please follow this information

In CC#1 you have to use the campaign called “Blitzkrieg! by H Craig Miller” and you will need to take the following two results to keep you on the right track (and to make it through to the scroll of honour)...
V at Dunkirk
V at Klin

In CC#3 you can choose either to use the campaign called ” Blitzkrieg! by H Craig Miller” (and follow the instructions above -meaning you will have to take V at Dunkirk and at Klin) OR you can use the campaign called “Millerblitz+ by PzManiac”. If you use a version previous to version 2.5 you will need to take a TV at Dunkirk (a BV/V will send you to a parallell campaign path called Greater Europe, which is the WRONG scenario path to take).
If you on the other hand use version 2,5 you can take any type of victory at Dunkirk.

Please note that you're NOT allowed to use the campaign called "Blitz 2008).

In CC#5 you can choose either to use the campaign called "Blitzkrieg! by H Craig Miller" OR the original "SSI Blitz!". Any campaign path in either one of those campaigns is allowed.

In CC#25 you will have to use the campaign called “Millerblitz+” by PzManiac. When it comes to this challenge, you can choose whichever campaign path you want, meaning that you can either play the same campaign path that was used in CC1, 3 and 5 – OR you can choose to do the slightly longer Greater Europe campaign path. In version 2.5 of MillerBlitz there is a choice scenario that will allow you to choose campaign path. In earlier versions however you will need to take either a TV or a BV/V depending on where you want to go.
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Re: CC General Information, FAQs and the Momstitution©

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 11:45, Sunday

Highlander's Momstitution

There has been a few issues raised lately and I now see a need for the Momsters© to have a Campaign Challenge Code of Conduct (CCCC), hereafter known as the “Momstitution©”. This will be a written Momstitution© and not the current unwritten one which can be changed and added to at a whim. It will serve as a guide as to who qualifies to wear the coveted Momster© Jacket, designed by Steve and marketed by Highlander Inc. Proceeds from the sale of these Jackets go towards my next car. Members will be judged by these laws and any unmomstitutional© behaviour will be overseen by the Supreme Court, otherwise known as the CC Team, 2 momsters and a Moanster.

Section 1.

To Qualify as a Momster you must:

1. Be a little bit mad.
2. Show signs of fanaticism.
3. Be able to finish a complete CC in an afternoon.
4. Redux the CC the following afternoon.
5. Have a sense of humour (Pzmoan Exempt from this rule).

Section 2.

Code of Conduct.

1. You may not sell Superunit Prototypes.
2. If a seldom seen superunit becomes available, you must buy it, preferably two, no matter what the cost.
3. You will continually snipe at other momsters©.
4. You will play the longest route of any CC. no bailing out.
5. Jackets must be worn at all times while outdoors.
6. You will choose a culturally insensitive name for your CC such as Highlandovsky or von Tor or MacAdler.
7. Egregious cheating such as editing a saved game so you can continue the CC may, at the option of the CC Organising Team, gain you the "Chicken Rank" for at least 24 hours.
8. Selling Aux units, while allowable, is frowned upon.

Section 3.

List of Superunits.

1. Maus
2. JagdTiger
3. SturmTiger
4. IS3
5. Jets
6. V weapons.
7. Rail Guns
8. Thor

Suggestions for amendments to the Momstitution© welcome, but none of that “right to remain silent” nonsense, or right to bear arms. The only ones that have a right to bear arms are bears.
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