CC II Announcement

Onward to Defend Berlin by Frank Chini for Oronzo R1 Efile.

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CC II Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-03-11 14:06, Monday

JP's Panzers PG2 Challenge Campaign #2

Frank Chini's
Onward to Defend Berlin


1. Campaign Synopsis:

Designer - Giorgio Francesco Chini - known as "Frank Chini"

Chini's campaign Onward To Defend Berlin contains 10 scenarios that are basically defensive in nature. You, the player, will have to defend your forces from those of a very aggressive AI. You will notice right away that this is very different from most of the battles you fought in Craig Miller's Blitz! Campaign.

What can you expect from this new set of battles?

The scenarios range in difficulty from the relatively easy, to the more difficult type of encounter. In particular, the battles against the Soviet forces will involve a lot of infantry and artillery. There is also a more "give and take" feel to these scenarios. In other words, your forces will have more room for sweeping maneuver and the battles should unfold in a natural and historical way. Do not expect the AI to have a ton of AA and aircraft, nor expect it to be heavily entrenched and prepared for your every strategy.

You will find Chini's Campaign to be a refreshing change from the grinding battles that you have been fighting over the past several weeks. No matter what the prestige level you decide to tackle this campaign with, you will find it to be a fun and challenging experience.


2. The Challenge!:

You must complete the campaign with Oronzo's R1 equipment file within the rules as established for Challenge Campaigns:

a. Play with the same equipment file to the end, unless there are gross errors, in which case, we will announce it.
b. Report your progress using the Formal report format or you may also report using an Informal format (for both formats, see below).
c. Field Marshal and General Challenges - players may not re-load during a scenario or during a turn. In the spirit of the challenge: I urge players to refrain from re-loading, however, it is acceptable to re-start a scenario.

Prestige levels for CC2:
Field Marshal's Challenge - 33% prestige
General's Challenge - 45% prestige
Officer's Challenge - 65% prestige
NCO's Challenge - 85% prestige
Troopie's Challenge - 100% plus prestige


3. Campaign Data Required:

The Oronzo R1 equipment file is available on Oronzo's website:
Old link removed.

Other additions to the playing experience is also available on this site - graphics and sounds.

The campaign itself is available at Oronzo's website:
Old link removed. Check Steve's Campaigns site for the campaign.

All the maps required for this campaign are standard SSI maps.


4. Campaign Reference Code in Report Topics:

OTDB, for example: TheBeast's OTDB at 45% or Whoopy-Cat's OTDB at 33%.


5. Campaign Scenarios:

Order of Scenarios:

1 - Saturn on the Chir
2 - Winter Storm
3 - Zitadelle
4 - Prokorovka
5 - Kanev
6 - Leningrad
7 - Viipuri
8 - Nordwind
9 - Seelow Heights
10 - Operation Konrad


6. Campaign Reports

Campaign reports should be posted (until otherwise decided) as posts under a topic/thread by player, for instance:

Topic: TheBeast's OTDB at 45%
Each scenario as a reply to the topic/thread.

The Formal Report can be downloaded here:
Old link removed.

The Informal Report can be in any format as long as the scenario name and the victory/loss status are shown.


7. OTDB Campaign Status

You can report your status on the following topic/thread:
JP's Challenge Campaign # 2 - OTDB Status

List your Name, your Challenge, your Scenario and your Victory/Loss Status, for example

--TheBeast, 45%, Kanev, BV or
--Reepicheep, 65%, Norwind, BV.

All you would have to do to update your status is, EDIT your first post under this thread and UPDATE it.



A comment from a playtester:
I honestly believe this is doable at 33%. Difficult? Yes. Very. Especially to do so with no reloads, and all BVs -- that might be nearly impossible. But I know that I, for one, will certainly give it a try!

The biggest difference between these scenarios and the stock SSI scenarios of the same name, is the fact that about half of them are being played from the opposite side of the table than you're used to -- those Russian campaign scenarios you may have never seen as the Germans before.
Special thanks to the following people who helped with the preparation:

1. Frank Chini;
2. Oronzo;
3. Hawkeye and
4. Whoopy-Cat.

There you have it. The Challenge is on the table! Go ahead, enjoy yourself and tell us how you are doing!

Johan Pieterse (JP) and Joel Illian (Whoopy-Cat)


Download package for OpenGen:

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