CC III Announcement

Blitzkrieg! by Craig Miller for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC III Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-03-11 14:42, Monday

JP's Panzers Challenge Campaign # 3

Craig Miller's


1. Campaign Synopsis

Designer - Craig Miller

This campaign follows the original standard SSI Blitzkrieg campaign up to the scenario Klin in Russia. It is assumed that after such a Victory the arrival of fresh Soviet troops from Siberia would force the Germans to evacuate Moscow. The campaign then continues with a German drive into Southern Russia in the Spring of 1942. The additional scenarios are meant to be plausible, if not historic. Particularly the campaign switches between fronts more rapidly than might have been realistic.

The player must get a Normal Victory at Klin to invoke the new expanded campaign.


2. The Challenge!:

You must complete the campaign with Adlerkorps' equipment file (Europe upgrade for PG2 V2.1 / or newer) within the rules as established for Challenge Campaigns:

a. Play with the same equipment file to the end, unless there are gross errors, in which case, we will announce it.
b. Report your progress using the Formal report format or you may also report using an Informal format (for both formats, see below).
c. Field Marshal and General Challenges - players may not re-load during a scenario or during a turn. In the spirit of the challenge: I urge players to refrain from re-loading, however, it is acceptable to re-start a scenario.

Prestige levels for CC3:
Field Marshal's Challenge - 30% prestige
General's Challenge - 50% prestige
Officer's Challenge - 75% prestige
NCO's Challenge - 90% prestige
Troopie's Challenge - 100% plus prestige


3. Campaign Data Required:

Right-click to open link windows in a new browser and still stay within this topic.
The Adlerkorps' equipment file (Europe upgrade for PG2 V2.1) is available on von Adler's website:
Old link removed.

Other additions to the playing experience is also available on this site - graphics and sounds:

For graphics, click on the link marked "Download the new graphic here".
For sounds, click on the link marked "New sounds added..." .
The campaign itself is available at "von Adler's" website:
Old links removed.

All the maps required for this campaign are standard SSI maps.


4. Campaign Reference Code in Report Topics

Challenge #3, for example: TheBeast's Challenge #3 at 30% or Whoopy-Cat's Challenge #3 at 50%.


5. Campaign Tree and Scenarios:

For a detailed campaign tree, please read the next post titled Campaign Tree and Scenarios prepared by Whoopy-Cat.

Suggested gameplay upto Klin:

a. Get a normal victory at Dunkirk - that will take you to
b. Pursuit to Tobruk - get a brilliant victory - that will take you to
c. Tobruk - get a brilliant victory - that will take you to
d. Malta - get a brilliant victory - that will take you to Kishinev.


6. Campaign Reports

Campaign reports should be posted (until otherwise decided) as posts under a topic by player, for instance:

Topic: TheBeast's Challenge #3 at 30%
Each scenario as a to the topic/thread.

The Formal Report format can be downloaded here):
Old link removed.

The Informal Report can be in any format as long as the scenario name and the victory/loss status is shown.


7. Challenge #3 Campaign Status

You can report your status on the following topic:
JP's Challenge Campaign # 3 - Status

List your Name, your Challenge, your Scenario and your Victory/Loss Status, for example
--TheBeast, 30%, Novgorod, BV or
--Reepicheep, 50%, Sedan, BV.

All you would have to do to update your status is, EDIT your first post under this topic and UPDATE it.

TheBeast will maintain a topic for us titled: Challenge Campaign #3 - Final Results. This data will be gleaned from the Status topic. Kindly ensure that the Status topic is regularly updated.


8. Formal Reports and Library:

We will add the best and most thourough formal reports to our Library on completion of the campaign. One Battlefield Commander's reports will be chosen for consistency and a few others for "After Action Reports". It's all about learning to play a new campaign, discovering a new equipment file and having fun. Kindly complete the reports to the best of your ability - tell your fellow players about how you are doing...


9. Installation Instructions and Preparation

Please refer to the post added below titled Installation Instructions and Preparation - prepared by Whoopy-Cat.


10. How do you use Adler's e-file with this Campaign?

Please refer to the post below How to build a core army with this file.


11. Acknowledgements

Special thanks to the following people who helped with the preparation and who will help with the maintenance work of the results:

1. Craig Miller - designer.
2. Von Adler - equipment file and advise.
3. Whoopy-Cat - preparation and maintenance.
4. TheBeast - battlefield results - Chief of Staff
5. Hawkeye - testing and double-checking.

...and special thanks to JP - for creating and sponsoring these Challenge Campaigns!
(from Whoopycat and the gang)


The Challenge is on the table! Go ahead, enjoy yourself and tell us how you are doing! Anyone can play this campaign - just pick a suitable Challenge level.

Both Whoopy-Cat and myself will take the General's Challenge.


Johan Pieterse (JP) and Joel Illian (Whoopy-Cat)


Download package for OpenGen:

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