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British Campaign by Bill Dickens for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC IV Announcement

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JP's Panzers Challenge Campaign # 4

Bill Dickens'
British Campaign


1. Campaign Synopsis:

Designer - William N. Dickens (bismarck13)

This excellent campaign follows the British War against Germany and Italy, from 1939 to the end of World War II. You will start the war at Narvik in Norway with an amphibious assult and end it at either Eagle's Nest ("winning path") or The Ruhr ("defending path"). Battles will take place all over Europe and in North Africa.

In the beginning of the War, the going will be very tough and you will be using British equipment and troops, with some French units during the Arras scenario. Later on when America joins the fray, you will have access to US equipment and troops.

Do not expect to get Brilliant Victories all the way. You will be fighting against superior German troops and equipment. You can expect core unit losses and players should play the campaign with the "Jensen Cap" in mind.

Designers Intro to the "British Campaign" for PG2, by Bill Dickens

Well, this is a real beaut. I was asked to write this about my first "released" campaign, which is the British Campaign, which was first released in the summer of 1998. First, I had to really think back to even remember any details of this. I remember telling JP that this was my first campaign and actually, that's not true technically. I built a U.S. Campaign before the British one and it was never released because I just played it myself. I actually have a couple more campaigns I never released. I never considered them good enough for release and never polished them up. Mainly I built stuff to amuse myself.

So, the British Campaign was actually intended for release, which was a first for me. I spent lots of time making it perfect, not realizing that I had little actual insight into the game itself, some things don't match well with the game as "it's supposed to be."

Building a campaign was tough back then with no software, so the original was made to use the SSI Blitzkrieg Campaign file, which meant that it overwrote the original game files. You had to reinstall the game to get the original campaign back again. I never bothered to fix it over the years but amazingly, people still play this campaign anyway. For the CAMPAIGN CHALLENGE, I have actually redone the campaign so that it does not overwrite any files. The campaign still remains as it did in the original and follows the SSI Blitz campaign tree. A flow chart has been made available to JP.

To, the campaign itself: it is a campaign designed with the British as the main country, obviously. You do get a few Allies, the French once, then the United States when they come into the war. You start out with the very few instances where the British had any luck at all in the early part of the war: Narvik and Arras. Both battles were in losing campaigns, but they serve the purpose here of allowing you to win, even if it is in a "losing" cause. Then you get to go kick the Italians around in Africa for a while. This is sort of fun, but the way it is made, the Italians don't roll over and do a "Capporetto" here, and eventually the Germans join in and it gets a lot tougher. Until late in the campaign, you are always at a disadvantage versus the German equipment. Then it is on to Europe: depending on the path you end up on, you can invade Sicily, you will surely end up in Salerno and Normandy, and if you are extremely lucky, you might get to invade Austria or capture Hitler yourself.

This campaign was orignally made for the SSI standard equip file (version 1.0), you used to be able to only purchase range 4 guns and bombers from the French at Arras early in the campaign and it was easy to miss this opportunity. There was only one Brit tank available for a few scenarios also. The Adler file offers much more variety in weaponry to the player and should make for an interesting and fun challenge. Just make sure you check for Allied Countries so you don't miss out on any opportunities for cool equipment.

The two final scenarios are Eagle's Nest (which was Oak Ridge) and The Ruhr which ends the DTR section. The crucial scenarios are 'Falaise' which is 'Klin' and 'El Alamein' which is the same as 'Dunkirk'.

I always took a 'V' at Alamein and then a 'BV' at Falaise because I liked to play Malmedy and Eagle's Nest, which are two of my favorites.

The DTR path is good too, but lacks the 'brilliance' of those two scenarios, although 'Ardennes-The Bulge' is a real killer. In fact, either route gets you at least one real nasty scenario, 'The Bulge' in DTR and 'Push Into Austria' which follows 'Malmedy' is no joke either.

I wish you all good luck and good hunting . . .

Bill D. (bismarck13)


2. The Challenge!

Winning Conditions to be eligable for the Scroll-Of-Honour:

2.1 All Levels: You must end the campaign by winning the scenarios:
Eagle's Nest, or The Ruhr

2.2 All Levels: (Note: this is not required any more!)

2.3 All Levels: You must complete the campaign with Adlerkorps' equipment file for PG2 V2.24 (or NEWER) . You must play with the same equipment file to the end, unless there are gross errors, in which case, we will announce it. You must report your progress using the Formal report format or you may also report using an Informal format (for both formats, see below).

2.4 Field Marshal and General Challenges: players may not loose more than 30% of own units (core and auxilliary) versus AI losses.

2.5 Field Marshal and General Challenges: players may not re-load during a scenario or during a turn. In the spirit of the challenge: I urge players to refrain from re-loading, however, it is acceptable to re-start a scenario.

2.6 The Challenge Levels:

Field Marshal's Challenge - 50% prestige
General's Challenge - 80% prestige
Officer's Challenge - 110% prestige
NCO's Challenge - 150% prestige
Troopie's Challenge - 200% plus prestige


3. Campaign Data Required:

3.1 Download the campaign here:<br>
BD's British Campaign: (old link removed)

3.2 Download the Adlerkorps Equipment file here:
Adlerkorps Site: (old link removed)

3.3 Download AdlerUp here: (old link removed)

3.4 Download DatUp here: (old link removed)

3.5 Download SoundUp here: (old link removed)


4. Campaign Reference Code in Report Topics:

Challenge #4, for example: TheBeast's Challenge #4 @ 80% or Whoopy-Cat's Challenge #4 @ 50%.


5. Campaign Tree and Scenarios:

Old links removed!

Further information on the Campaign Tree and scenario prestige is avialible in the Intel Room.


6. Campaign Reports

Campaign reports should be posted as replies under a topic by player, for instance:

Topic: TheBeast's Challenge #4 @ 80%.
Each scenario as a reply to the topic/thread.

The FormalReport format can be downloaded here ... (old link removed)
(use your browser's File/SaveAs... command to save the Report on your disk):

The Informal Report can be in any format as long as the player's name, the scenario name and the victory/loss status is shown.


7. Challenge #4 Campaign Status

You can report your status on the following topic:

Challenge Campaign # 4 - Status

TheBeast will maintain a topic for us titled: Challenge #4 - Final Results. This data will be gleaned from the Status topic. Kindly ensure that the Status topic is regularly updated.


8. Formal Reports and Library:

We will add the best and most thourough formal reports to our Library on completion of the campaign. One Battlefield Commander's reports will be chosen for consistency and a few others for "After Action Reports". It's all about learning to play a new campaign, discovering a new equipment file and having fun. Kindly complete the reports to the best of your ability - tell your fellow players about how you are doing...


9. The Map Room and the Intel Room

For the first time during a challenge, we will provide a Map Room and an Intel Room.

Challenge # 4 - Map Room
I will post maps of the scenarios as I play them in this room. The maps will also have crucial enemy deployments at the start of each scenario. Players can send screenshots of 'missing' scenarios they are playing to me for placement. A 'missing' scenario is defined as a scenario on a different path than what I am playing. This data will develop as the campaign progresses.

Challenge # 4 - Intel Room
You will find the prestige values per type of win/loss and Maximum prestige by scenario here.

Players can use this room to inform their fellow players of any situation or solution they might encounter during the campaign. Advice on scenario completion can be posted here. Advice on equipment purchases can also be posted here. In fact, anything other than maps pertaining to a scenario can be posted here. Always start a post by referring to the relevant scenario.


10. Acknowledgements

Special thanks to the following people who helped with the preparation of this Challenge and who will help with the maintenance work of the results:

1. Bill Dickens - Campaign Designer, campaign notes and campaign trees.
2. Von Adler - equipment file and instructions.
3. Whoopy-Cat - preparation and maintenance.
4. TheBeast - battlefield results - Chief of Staff.
5. Blastix - prestige values and prestige values by scenario.
6. Whoopy-Cat and Blastix - playtesting.


Challenge number 4 is on the table!

I played a bit of this campaign during playtesting and found it quite tough, but tremendous fun!
Go ahead, enjoy yourself and tell us how you are doing! Anyone can play this campaign - just pick a suitable Challenge level.

Tell us if you will take-up the Challenge - post a reply to this topic

Good Luck General!

Johan Pieterse (JP) and Joel Illian (Whoopy-Cat)


Download package for OpenGen:

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