CC V Announcement

Blitzkrieg! by Craig Miller for Waffenkammer Efile.

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CC V Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-03-11 16:02, Monday

Challenge Campaign #5


We have an important announcement today regarding our PG2 Challenge Campaigns. Challenge Campaign #6 and #7 will be using the Waffenkammer equipment file.

To allow our members to familiarize themselves with Waffenkammer, we will be running a very short Challenge Campaign #5 starting TODAY!

This Challenge Campaign is a bit less formal than our previous and future Challenges. No detailed scenario-by-scenario After Action Reports are required. Just play the campaign, learn about the Waffenkammer e-file and HAVE FUN!

The Challenge is to play the Blitzkrieg campaign with Waffenkammer's latest equipment file.
Any path is acceptable. Any path that ends with any kind of a victory will be considered a completed Challenge Campaign for the Scroll of Honor.

The prestige settings:
Field Marshall's Challenge: 25%
General's Challenge: 50%
Officer's Challenge: 75%
NCO's Challenge: 100%
Troopies Challenge: anything over 100%

This is a slightly unconventional Challenge Campaign. For your After Action Reports, try to focus on comments regarding the Waffenkammer file. We will be using it in both of the next two Challenge Campaigns, so it is best if you can focus the attention of your After Action Reports on how Waffenkammer plays compared to the other e-files we've used, as well as pointing out unique units or differences between Waffenkammer and Adler or Oronzo (the two other e-files we've used thus far). We have detailed the Blitzkrieg campaign twice already. So don't worry about writing detailed accounts of the campaign except where the Waffenkammer file radically alters the play of the campaign.

I will only post installation instructions if I hear that people need help installing the new equipment file. By now most of you can do it in your sleep. But if ANYONE has any problems, feel free to write me and I'll give you individualized help. If enough people express a desire for a published explanation of how to install the equipment file, I will post instructions. Otherwise, Steve Brown has done a good job of explaining it all at the link above.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! More than any previous Challenge Campaign, FUN is what this particular Challenge is seeking! Enjoy yourself and let us know how you feel about Waffenkammer.

Joel T. Illian "The Whoopy-Cat"


Download package for OpenGen:

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