CC VI Announcement

General Bistrov’s Special Breakthrough Corps by Steve Brown for Waffenkammer Efile.

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CC VI Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-03-11 16:39, Monday

It brings us great pleasure to announce the long-awaited

JP's Panzers' Panzer General II Challenge Campaign #6

The posts which follow will introduce you to the excellent campaign we've chosen, and provide you with customized instructions for preparing for this Challenge. The section below this one is a general introduction of Challenge Campaign #6, including screen shots from the campaign and notes from the campaign's designer -- our very own Steve Brown.

After that, a post describes the steps required to download and install the necessary components of this campaign. If you need more detailed explanations, look to the posts listed after that which provide information for those who are new to using custom campaigns, equipment files, and maps.

As usual, we will be posting a Status thread. Each participant should start his own reply to that thread in which he will provide us with a brief progress report on the status of his own campaign. Your reply in the Status thread should simply consist of your name, your prestige level, and the results (victory level) of each campaign.

Each player should also start his own thread in which he gives more detailed after action reports for other players to read. Use your own name as the subject of the topic, for instance "Whoopy-Cat's CC #6", etc. In this thread you may give us detailed or general information about your progress through this campaign.

We will also start the usual Intel Room thread where you can post hints and tips for specific scenarios. If you like to be surprised, don't visit the Intel Room! But if you need help, the Intel Room thread should be the first place you look for hints regarding a specific scenario in the campaign.

I have included much information which was gathered from Steve Brown's PG2 Campaigns Page and Lasse Jensen's Builders Paradise site, as well as many other sources. Many thanks to those guys for their excellent web sites, and the superior information which can be found there!

JP's Panzers
PG2 Challenge Campaign #6

Special'ni Korpus Proriva Generala Bistrova
(General Bistrov's Special Breakthrough Corps)

(A product of Steve Brown Workers' Collective )

Follow the adventures of General Bistrov in his own private diary.
You command an elite, fictional Russian corps from 1942 to 1945.

This is version 2.0 of this campaign.


This campaign contains 31 scenarios (longest path is 27) and you play the Soviet side against the fascist invaders and later against the Japanese army. There are no unit purchasing rules for this campaign, however in some scenarios you are limited in deployment. This is an update of version 1.0 of the campaign, no scenarios are added but they are all revised. Please read the readme first. This campaign also comes with a custom optional sound file.


Field Marshal's Challenge -- 50% or lower
General's Challenge -- 75% prestige
Officer's Challenge -- 100% prestige
NCO's Challenge -- 125% prestige
Troopies Challenge -- 150% or higher


Campaign Notes from Steve Brown, the designer of this campaign

Welcome to my long-winded intro to the Challenge using my "General Bistrov's Special Breakthrough Corps" campaign; in many ways you do not really need to read this but there are some things you should know.

If you play this challenge you will have to use many non-SSI maps. For players new to this, I am sure JP and Whoopy will provide instructions to install user-made maps - but feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Map installation may seem daunting at first, but it is really easy.

I designed this campaign in late-1999/early-2000, in-between 2 versions of my British desert campaign, if you have played any of my other campaigns you will be glad to know that there are no desert scenarios. :) The campaign was intended to be more similar to the SSI campaigns in style than my Brit campaign (whether I have achieved that aim is not for me to say) and it was designed for Waffenkammer equipment, which is still a nice file even if it does not have some newer graphics and other stuff. Please read the readme file (included in the download) before playing since it mentions some important points.

A problem with this campaign is the first scenario, Stalingrad. The first scenario in a campaign should not be too difficult, but any scenario in Stalingrad should not be easy - the resulting scenario is difficult (in fact impossible if you play incorrectly) but is easily winnable by using proper defensive tactics. If you are having trouble at Stalingrad here are some hints; otherwise just skip the next paragraph.

The key is getting your forces across the Volga in large enough numbers for a counterattack; use your artillery only in defense for the first few turns. Get all your artillery in position, leave the long range pieces on the eastern shore, and do not fire any artillery in your turn unless a unit has more then 5 ammo points (this is important, do not get impatient), otherwise in your turn just reload your artillery and use the artillery for defensive fire. Use your few units as bait for the Germans. When you counterattack protect your vehicles and tanks since they are very vulnerable to infantry, once you start getting units across the river you can counterattack and use your artillery in more of an offensive mode. Your key units will be your own core T-34 and KV-2 - they are powerful, but protect them from infantry otherwise they will be reduced to smoking hulks!! There is a PG2 bug where if a tank performs an overrun as it lands from a sea transport it gets unlimited movement - if this happens to you please do not cheat.

There are some things in this campaign that you may find annoying; limited deployment in quite a few scenarios, having to capture airfields in quite a few scenarios before you can deploy aircraft, and artillery firing from off the map in one scenario - but they are there for the greater good. You will find your airforce is no match for the Germans for a long time (you will have plenty of auxiliary aircraft so a large airforce is not necessary); in fact if you do not buy towed air defense units you will have serious problems in this campaign, since the Luftwaffe is way too experienced to deal with only using aircraft. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Something I mention in the readme is Katyushas, they are an interesting unit in Waffenkammer because they have engineer ability so can be a devastating weapon - however they are extremely vulnerable and the AI seems to like targeting soft self propelled artillery.

In many many scenarios you will find the Germans are much more experienced than you but with low strength; you will have to deal with these small experienced German formations with concentrated attacks (this was an idea of an early playtester, Dan Christensen, and it was a pretty good idea). The campaign was developed before there was any thought of things like the "Jensen Cap" so I don't know how it will play if you follow the Jensen Cap rules.

You also may ask; what is that thing called "Equipment File Saga" in the readme? I was reading a book of Icelandic Sagas just at the time of an equipment file conflict - and that was the result. :) I did consider, for one moment, to make the whole readme in the same style (I am glad I did not). The BP equipment file I refer to is the old one that lasted for a few days in 1999 or 2000, not the current one. If you remember the drama at the time Lasse removed the Japanese flags from the "datup" then it may bring back memories...

If you are playing with the unofficial 1.02e (or higher by the time you read this?) patch then the extra music download may not work (sad, but true; it is really good - but there is a workaround posted somewhere). Equipment availability dates work with the new patch, but I do not know how this will affect purchases.

A comment I have received is "why didn't you redesign the campaign for the new maps?" (for example, I use "Metz" 3 times for Kharkov - yet a Kharkov map is available). The simple answer is; I am way too lazy to do those scenarios all over again. As far as the historical aspects go; all the battles (except the last one) are historic in that there was a battle in that location with the same approximate objectives at that date - however the battle design and OOBs are mine. Even the last battle is historic to the extent there was some fighting in the Kuriles in 1945, but not at that time or on that island and certainly not with an armoured Corps.

Anyway ... I hope you enjoy fighting for the motherland to defeat the fascist hordes, it's a fun campaign.

Steve Brown

Additional Notes from Steve Brown, the maker of this campaign:

The optional sound file doesn't work with the new patch; there is a workaround posted somewhere on the BP forum, but I have not tried it.

The standard "datup" can be used with this campaign (all you lose is the Japanese flags in the last 2 scenarios - everything else will work fine); it is probably the easiest option. If a player wants the Jap flags use the "WKup" on my site which is exactly the same (but with different flags) as the "AdlerUp" used for the Adler file.

The hardest scenarios in the campaign, judging from e-mails, are the first 2 (particularly the first scenario); plus Prokhorovka is also problematical.

Here are some FAQs, based on e-mails I have received:

Q1. In one scenario there is artillery firing from off the right edge of the map that I cannot fire at. Is this correct?
A1. Yes, it is correct.

Q2. There are a lot of scenarios where I cannot deploy all my units; is this intended?
A2. Absolutely, yes - I have specifically limited deployment in many scenarios. I know it is annoying, but it is necessary.

Q3. Further to Q2, why can't I always deploy my airforce at the start?
A3. Because I am mean - I want you to fight for the airfield.

Q4. The German airforce it too strong!!!
A4. You need to buy air defense units. Without air defense you will probably lose. I made the air battle very challenging just for that reason.

Q5. I can't defeat those strong German tanks!!
A5. One concept I used in this campaign was to make a lot of the Germans very experienced, but of low strength. You have to use concetrated attacks.

In conclusion, my best hint for players in this campaign is not always to play offensively; sometimes defensive play is the best option.


Thanks Steve!


Download package for OpenGen:

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