CC XI Announcement

Axis Campaign by Bill “Sapper” Guevremont for FFWC Efile.

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CC XI Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 15:14, Friday

JP's Panzers
are proud to announce the beginning of
Campaign Challenge number 11!

Bill SAPPER 1-6 Guevremont’s
”Axis Campaign”
Using the FFWC Armoury 2002 equipment file.

So here we have a campaign designer as well as an E-file that have never before been tested during a JP’s Campaign Challenge, and personally I think you’re in for a treat!
This campaign starts off in Guadalajara on 08 MAR 37 with you as an Italian Axis Commander battling in support of the Germans or slugging it out against the Allies with only your Axis corps. As an Axis Corps commander you will not be allowed to requisition any German units, however you will have full access to much of the axis nations German manufactured equipment, aka German Hand me downs. Nations from Nationalist Spain, Finland, Hungary, Romania as well as Italy will be at your disposal, so take your time at HQ there are many possibilities when choosing to add to or upgrade your core. The campaign consists of 24 scenarios starting on 08 MAR 37 in Spain with the shortest path being 9 scenarios and the longest path available is 15 scenarios. There are several choice scenarios and please feel free to take any path you choose. There are NO path restrictions or requirements for this Challenge!
My hat’s off to Sapper for creating a minor nations campaign that is challenging and well balanced. The campaign flow chart, coupled with the campaign map or “Battle Atlas” as well as “The Campaign Management Matrix” make the documentation one of the best I have ever encountered, and you will find that these tools are invaluable aids in core and cap management! The members of the Freedom Fighters War Club should also be commended on the fine job they did on their e-file.E-file by committee must have been quite a process! I would also like to thank Whoopy for having selected this campaign some time ago and having the foresight to allow me to bring it to you before PCs become obsolete :lol
So strap a helmet on as things start to heat up over in Spain!

And now a few words from General Sapper:

Welcome Generals – please sit down.
You are to take command of the multinational Axis Coalition forces in the war against Communism. The campaigns we embark on are just as important as any other. Attention to the intelligence provided to you will undoubtedly improve your decisions, take heed of the charts and graphs our G2 has provided. Your men will sometimes fight along side Deutschland’s Armies, and sometimes conduct independent operations directed by Rome. Your success and failures are sure to influence your assignments, but best not to test Mussolini’s patience, no? Iron will, sound generalship and spartan soldiering have always been more important than the current set of military equipment. Remember our Legions of old! They conquered the known world on wearing hobnail boots! So shall we! There is no task to difficult for our soldiers, no challenge that your intellect can’t overcome.
Forward to Victory, there is NO second place!
General Sapper, chief of Staff, Rome.

Prestige Levels for Campaign Challenge Number 11
Field Marshal’s Challenge 50% or lower
General’s Challenge 75%
Officer’s Challenge 100%
NCO's Challenge -- 150%
Troopies Challenge 151% and above

Please include your prestige level both in your reply to the STATUS thread, and also at the beginning of the thread in which you will be listing your After Action Reports.

If you want to be included on our Scroll of Honor for this Challenge Campaign you must use SAPPER 1-6 aka Bill Guevremont’s Axis Campaign version 8.8 (or NEWER!).
-You must use the FFWC Armoury 2002 equipment (or NEWER!).
- You must play the campaign to completion.
- You must maintain a reply in the Official STATUS thread (at the top of this forum).
- Your reply to the STATUS thread must include the prestige level at which you are playing.
- You only need one reply to the STATUS thread. Simply edit that reply each time you wish to update your status. If you cannot locate the "Edit" link below your name in the STATUS thread, try logging out and logging back into Ez-Boards. You should then be able to edit your own reply in that thread.
- Your reply to the STATUS thread should NOT include After Action Reports. Rather, it should simply state your name, prestige level, and what level of victory/loss you achieved for each scenario.
- You CAN start your own thread for logging After Action Reports (AARs) if you want. This can list any details you feel like sharing as you play the campaign. This is NOT required! But it IS one of the most fun aspects of our Challenge Campaigns, so we do encourage it.
- You CAN be listed on the Scroll of Honor more than once per campaign (once for each prestige level you complete), but not more than once at the same prestige level per campaign.

Further reading:

Some helpful reading would be the FFWC 2002 E-file readme There are some differences that will effect your game play such as lowered SA and HA for recons (Sorry Whoopy) and your aircraft WILL run out of fuel! There are a few more items to consider, so if you plan on doing your best your best starts with a little homework.

In addition to all the fine work Bill has put into this campign he has also designed also a Campaign Flow Chart, a detailed Campaign Management Matrix and a Campaign War Atlas.
These three documents will prove invaluable during the campaign they are also included in the download.


Download package for OpenGen:

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