CC XII Announcement

Diggers at War by William Dickens for Pacific Theater Efile.

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CC XII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 15:55, Friday

Announcing JP’s PGII
Campaign Challenge #12

William “Bismarck” Dickens’
Diggers at War

Bill has supplied us with a very in depth introduction so I will not Whoopyise this announcement and instead will go directly to Bill’s intro.
Good luck fellow Generals your gonna need it :devil

Intro to the Australian Campaign by William Dickens
From my website:
Okay, my last campaign was something different, the BIGGEST campaign ever, so this time I wanted to make something a bit different. While this one isn't the longest, it is the most graphically intense and for the most part, the whole campaign is a collection of the most challenging scenarios I have ever made for Panzer General 2. For an even better experience, one of the scenarios was contributed by Steve Brown, the unchallenged expert of the defensive scenario.
The campaign follows the Australian Army through the early war in the desert up to the Pacific in 1945. There are a total of 18 scenarios that can be played and there are no tricky flowcharts necessary, it plays in a straight line. So, what is different about this campaign? While not necessary to play the campaign, I have created an entire series of Video (Smack) files for every scenario! I also have new videos for an Australian Win and a Japanese Win. So, in order to experience the totality of the campaign, you should download the video (smack) files along with the rest of the campaign.

Addendum for the campaign challenge:
There are 18 scenarios, 2 are set in North Africa, 2 in the Middle East, and the rest in the Pacific. Unlike any other campaign, there are scenarios in this campaign that you will lose. They are totally defensive scenarios where the main objective is to keep your core army intact, but be able to gain valuable experience points in the process. Prestige is very tightly controlled and because the main country is Australia, equipment is fairly limited. You will only have a few chances to choose from British Equipment and these chances only occur early in the campaign, so make the best use of your chances while you can.

About the Pacific Theater: this is not Europe, there are few wide open spaces, lots of mountains and lots of Jungle. There is little room to manuever and your choice of equipment must take this into consideration. If you build a core of mostly tanks, you will ultimately pay the consequences. It is not that tanks are not valuable on the attack, they are very vulnerable in certain terrain, especially forests and Jungles. For this campaign, experienced infantry, especially mountain or jungle troops are worth their weight in gold. Airborne units, including artillery are also extremely valuable. There will be time when you are pushed to the limit holding a position and reinforcement overland may take too long. Airborne units can be used to speed troops to the rescue as well as their usual job of snagging far off hexes in surprise attacks.

The campaign play: okay, this is a collection of some of the most devilish scenarios I ever made. The Japanese are masters of jungle fighting and they are spread out throughout the countryside. Foot soldiers (no transport necessary) are valuable and useful in EVERY scenario in this campaign. There will be much close in fighting, there will be many times when the numbers a severely against you. You must guard your rear and guard your flanks. Also, many scenarios offer a wide choice of options as to your approach to the scenario. For instance, at Lae, you will have a choice of Sea, Land and Air deployment or as I usually choose, a combination of all three. There are many different ways the scenario can be defeated which means you should really check out the maps and areas of deployment and make your decisions very carefully as to which units are placed in various locations.

As a reminder, here are the prestige levels for this Challenge...
Field Marshal's Challenge -- 50% or lower
General's Challenge -- 75% prestige
Officer's Challenge -- 100% prestige
NCO's Challenge -- 150% prestige
Troopies Challenge -- 151% and above


Download package for OpenGen:

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