CC XIII Announcement

Axis at War by Brian Gosley for Base Efile.

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CC XIII Announcement

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Campaign Challenge XIII

Featuring Brian “Puma” Gosley’s
With the Base E-file

I am very excited to be able to bring you Brian’s BIG campaign as well as featuring his Base file. Brian has spent considerable amounts of time working on both the campaign and his e-file so we should all be in for a treat. He has also sent me plenty of info to post here as well as all the links to the required downloads so with out further ado I will turn it over to Brian.

Axis at War Campaign
Version 2.3 18/March/2003

History of AAW
I released this campaign originally as GAW(Germany at War) using my BG-Efile in December 2000(I think). I created the BaseEfile and decided to convert GAW to AAW(Axis at War) because I gave the German side the ability to purchase from many minor nations. In fact the campaign can be played as Italians, Germans, Rumanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Czechs or Japanese!!! The BaseEfile incorporates many different types of forts, barbwire, mines etc and this enhanced AAW immensly.
I wanted to create a campaign that gave a lot of variety in units and gameplay, not just another campaign with the same units on the same maps.
I thought players may have been uncomfortable with a totally new concept so I decided to include the familiar SSI-Blitz scens but with different units in different positions. This reduced the need for all new maps to be DL's also.
The campaign is a Blitzkrieg and the faster the player wins each scen the less reinforcements he will face :)

Total 47 scenarios

The campaign is linear and even losses will take you to the next scen. I recommend the use of paras to achieve rapid victories.

I have designed this campaign to be fun & replayable, so here are some hints for best entertainment.

This is not a historical campaign!

1. You must use my BaseEfile version 4.4 or higher for this campaign.
2. You cannot lose.
3. Do not reload. Linear path but different modules can be chosen.
4. The game can be replayed because of the modules.
5. Always check entire map when deploying units.
6. A list of the new maps required & a flowchart is in Excel spreadsheet.
7. The campaign has 47 scenarios with the shortest route 11 & longest route 47. (and anything between 11-47!)
8. I am finished playtesting for the 12th time & have I can achieve BV's easily at 100%.
9. This campaign has landmines/seamines/subs/level bombers/forts.
10. You earn most of your prestige for capturing enemy hexes. There is no prestige each turn and 100pts for any type of victory. So the idea is to capture as much as possible and finish as fast as you can. I have set the prestige cap to assist players at all the "Choice" scenarios.
11. The maximum number of core units is about 55. Over this could cause problems.
12. Subs and seamines can only be destroyed by TB's or destroyers.
13. Paratroops are very important in this campaign.
14. Level Bombers are extremely useful. They do not do much damage but they remove the fuel and ammo from units they attack. These are the LB's for the Axis side and the second figure is their Suppression factor. The higher the SF the more fuel and ammo removed from a unit that is attacked.
He 111 --- 84
Do 215 --- 164
Do 217 --- 255
Fiat B.R.20 Cigona --- 84
Mitsubishi G3M "Nell" --- 164

This campaign will let players make a good comparison between Generals!

Rules and ideas used in the construction of my Base Efile.
These are the main points to understanding my Base Efile.
This file is the result of many hours work incorporating many Efiles into one Base file. My work on my previous BG Efile and exchanging ideas with Oronzo, Andreas, Thomas, Adler and others since early 1999 have resulted in this Efile. I hope it can assist in improving PG2 for players and designers. I have worked on Efiles before Waffenkamer was released. I also worked with Andreas on all his releases of his Efile.

Air Defense
Movement=1 if calibre is less than 50mm. Spotting=2 for all AD.

Units that have SA>HA and RA=1 or 2(assault guns and flamethrowers only) have been given Engineer ability. All units spot=2. Special long range artillery units (RA>6) are in this class also. They can force units to retreat and I believe this is realistic. If your defensive position is destroyed by heavy shelling you would be forced to retreat in disarray.

Move=1 if SA<15 . This depicts light artillery better than calibre. Ranges are between 2 and 6 hexes. Rocket artillery have been given Engineer ability and low HA to reflect their barrage capacity. All units have spot=1.

All units have spot=2. Cavalry have move method of All Terrain and cannot be transported. All Bridging Units also have Engineer ability. This means they can make/destroy bridges and have lower attack values than regular units unless they are the only engineer unit for a country(than there attack values are higher). Commando style units have Engineer/Paratrooper/Mountain ability but lower attack values than Combat Engineer. Lots of late war infantry is available.
Only Engineer units are good at destroying fort, bunkers, etc. Paratroopers are cheaper but cannot be transported by trucks etc, they can only walk or airdrop.
The following codes on units names are explained below:
(e) = Engineer ability
(b) = Bridging ability
(p) = Paratrooper
(m) = Mountain movement ability
Any of these codes can be combined eg : Commando (emp).

Few units have Wheeled movement. Recon units have spot=3. Recon are more expensive.

Fighters, Tac Bombers and Level Bombers.
All air units have greater movement. All units have lower ammo than SSI. Airplanes can fly all over the battlefield but cannot hover around due to low ammo. They must continually fly to and from airfields to rearm. LB’s cannot air attack and only true Fighter/Bombers can air attack. All units have spot=2 except LB’s have spot=1.
TB's with high Naval attack have lower SA & HA values.

Naval Units
All naval units have longer attack ranges to assist in amphibious landings. French units have full ammo loads. Subs and seamines can only be attacked by Destroyers or Tac Bombers.

Forts & Bunkers etc
Fortifications have various ranges and spotting. A lot of special fort types exist (ATY, Radar,AT, Coastal Defense, barbwire, etc) that can be utilised by Campaign designers. Land mines, sea mines, Tank Teeth, Barricades, Civilians, Factories, and others all exist to make Campaigns more fun.

Sea transports move 5 and cannot move in rivers. Air transports have greater movement. Trucks and Haltracks are more expensive. Wagons move 4 with All Terrain movement and are “no cost”.

Good Luck! :yes
Brian “Puma” Gosley

For campaign and e-file downloads go to Brian’s site.
Maps will be available at Narayan’s site.

Prestige Levels for Campaign Challenge XIII
Field Marshal’s Challenge - 50% or lower
General’s Challenge - 75%
Officer’s Challenge - 100%
NCO's Challenge - 150% prestige
Troopies Challenge - above 151%

Please include your prestige level both in your reply to the STATUS thread, and also at the beginning of the thread in which you will be listing your After Action Reports.

Good Luck Herr Generals I will see you on the glorious battlefield.
General Christof Von Lobo

Updated Requirements for CC XIII by Lobo

You have a point about the length of a campaign having a huge effect on the player's core. That is I think part of Brian's BIG gun motivation. In his defense he did create this campaign to be modular so that the player does not have to play the entire linier path but is able to pick which paths they wish to play so as not to create a monster army. I was the one who decided we should play the entire thing on the linier path so I am to blame no one else.

I had selfish reasons for doing it this way. I hadn't played a long campaign since WGW and I knew I had nearly three weeks off of work so I could finish the campaign in short order. So seeing as how we've had several players drop out and one player that I know of skip a large number of scenarios , I will submit for your approval that any player wishing to complete any 20 or more scenarios will qualify for the Scroll of Honor* for CC#XIII.


Download package for OpenGen:

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