CC XV Announcement

Green Devils by Björn (Golothin) for Builders Paradise Efile.

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CC XV Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 16:23, Friday

JP's Panzers
are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XV

Björn Neuhäuser's
Green Devils
with BP efile

This is the second version my GREEN DEVILS campaign. The campaign leads you to the historical milestones of the German paratroopers in the Second World War. It is sufficient to build a core force of 8 parachute units without transport in the course of the campaign. The purchase of other units is not recommended. Possibly received prototypes should be sold. Who likes can naturally also use other units. In all scenarios also only a certain number of core units should be used. The number takes place at the scenario Briefing. That is also only a recommendation. You can and should play the campaign naturally in such a way that a maximum of fun gained for you. Scene of the campaign is Europe and North Africa. I have tried to create a historical campaign. Places and times of the scenarios as well as the involved units, weapons etc. should correspond with historical operations as far as possible. The campaign consists now 19 scenarios with a max. campaign path of 17 scenarios.

And now have fun!

Now as Björn stated in his readme you can play as a purest by using only the units suggested in the individual scenario intros or you can color outside of the box if you like, there are no restrictions, just have fun.

Personally I’ll be playing a slightly modified core experimenting with several Air-mobile units, but more about that in the AARs
Steve Brown was instrumental in bringing this particular campaign to the forefront of our Campaign Challenges. We were looking for something different and refreshing and I think he pegged this one when he suggested it. I have been very busy this summer and surely did not have the time to find a campaign as fun and as stimulating as I think you will find this campaign. So I would like to be the first to thank Steve for his suggestion and for all his efforts in arranging the links so that the download and installation of this campaign should be one of the easiest yet.

Thanks Steve.

Also we will be using the standard requirements for places on the Scroll of Honor
Field Marshal’s Challenge 50% or below
General’s Challenge 75%
Officer’s Challenge 100%
Non Com’s Challenge 125%
Troopie’s Challenge 150% and above

Good Luck Herr Generals!
Lobo out.

CC XV Special Rules

I think a note is in order here to repeat what is said in the intro. If you choose to follow the rules of the campaign you can only buy Fallschirmjaegers without transport. You will receive instructions in the scenario intro as to how many units you can buy. Also, you are expected to sell any prototypes you get.

Of course, nothing can stop you being creative with how you follow the rules - but I will be following them exactly :D

Steve Brown


Download package for OpenGen:

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