CC XVI Announcement

Das Reich by Jurgen Smet for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XVI Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 16:42, Friday

Proudly Presents

The long awaited, Much Heralded
“Das Reich”
by Jurgen “WonderDoc” Smet
With custom E-file version of Adlerkorps

I have personally been waiting to play this campaign as a Campaign Challenge with great anticipation. I am sure that these past 17 MONTHS of Doc's hard work as well as the efforts of his playtesters has produced a great campaign and I can't wait to get started!
Of course reading threads and e-mails concerning a campaign for nearly a year and a half will do that to you ;)
I know we normally do not play two German campaigns back to back. However the timing of the final release of “Das Reich” was too good to pass up.

Once again we all owe a great deal of thanks to Steve Brown for bundling the maps and campaign files for our ease in down loading. Allowing all of us to spend more time playing these last few campaign challenges and less time searching for and down loading files.

One more thing I would like to mention:
WonderDoc has designed this campaign to be played with a custom version of Adler’s e-file. In this file the player is only able to purchase SS units. Some units will be available earlier than their AK release dates and others will not be available until after their AK release dates. The custom E-file is an attempt to create a more historic core.

Now playing with the full AdlerKorps E-file will make this campaign easier than if you play with Doc’s custom file, however either version is acceptable for gaining a place on the Scroll of Honor (see levels setting). I will be making a special notation on the scroll for all players who have completed CC# XVI with the custom file or “Play by the Rules”.

Campaign Settings:
50% Field Marshal's level
75% General's level
100% Officer's level
125% NCO level
150% or above Troopie's level
Note: Playing at any prestige level without rules will be counted as playing at Troopie level for SoH.

Jurgen explains things a bit more in his following comments on his creation

A few notes before you start playing.

Play by the rules or not?
Each scenario briefing contains an historic core composition description. Following this composition will make the game more historic and result in more balanced scenarios. If you don't like rules, feel free to play without them.
The prestige cap and 'periods of difficult supply' will keep your core size within limits.
The scenario briefings will however continuously mention the historic battalions and regiments.

What E-file to use?
I modified Adler's latest 2000/2000 e-file so that only 'SS-equipment' is available for purchase. This means that tanks don't become available until later in the war and you'll have no core airforce - but then who has a core airforce playing with an hefile these days?
In return you'll get access to your elite SS Panzer Grenadiere a few months earlier and access to Krad Infanterie throughout the war - and yes, you will learn to love your Krad battalion.
If you want a tank army early in the war - which will make the game easier, play without rules and with Adler's standard e-file, but I am sure you won't regret playing by the rules.

What prestige level to play at?
When playing by the rules, 100% will give you constant choices: do I put a few infantry battalions in half-trucks or do I upgrade an artillery battalion? Do I mechanize my FlaK battalion or do I overstrenghten my StuG battalion (and yes, you'll also learn to love your StuG battalion on the Eastern Front)?
Playing at higher prestige level will mean you get access to better equipment - like heavy artillery to stop the Bolshevik waves of infantry - a bitearlier in the game, thereby making the game a bit easier.
Playing at lower than 100% is possible for veteran players who will get BV's and can get prestige by selling those prototypes.

Should I worry when losing a core unit?
Not really. Your division is pulled away from the front for a few months of rest, refit and reorganization a few times during the war. At these moments you will get enough prestige to rebuild your battered army. What I do advise you to do is mark what your starting core units are. Upgrading these can be done without increasing the value of your core against the cap, so whenever in doubt of which unit to upgrade, look at these units.
Losing of these units is more dramatic than losing a newly bought unit, so when really losing too many of the starting core units, you might want to consider that actually non-allowed reload.

Thanks for embarking on what is going to be a quite lengthy ride that I hope will bring the first-play Blitzkrieg feeling back to a lot of players.

Kind regards,

So without further ado here is the link to the campaign and the 30mb map down load (thanks again :steve ):
Note: Old links removed. Refer to PG2 CC Forum and dedicated past CCs thread for downloads.

Good luck Herr Generals
I shall see you on the battlefield


Download package for OpenGen:

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