CC XVII Announcement

The Finnish Lumberjack Regiment by David Anderson for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XVII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 16:49, Friday

JP’s Panzers
is proud to announce

The Finnish Lumberjack Regiment
by David Anderson
updated by Jan Hedstrom and John White

PzManiac and Daerandir have worked hard on remaking a classic campaign with a fresh twist. All Finnish units. :naughty
Adler has graciously updated his Adlerkorps e-file 0.71 to include a PMEB notation for us Australians ;)
And Steve Brown has once again done all of us the service of bundling all the downloads for our convenience.
An introduction by Jan and John follows as well as links to the downloads.
I personally wish to thank David, John, Steve, Mikael and especially Jan Hedstrom.
I hope to someday meet Jan so I can buy him the pint he deserves for all the work he has put into the PGII community, and for making my job here at the CC forums so much easier.
Good luck Herr Generals

Introduction to CC#17 - The Finnish Lumberjack Regiment by Dave Anderson, Jan Hedstrom and John White
The idea of converting this oldie to the Adlerkorps e-file is Daerandir's (John White) who has long expressed the wish of having this campaign converted. So in one of my playing pauses when we were playing CC#16, I decided to do the conversion because I needed a break from losing battles on the East Front :yuck (sorry Doc ;) )
Dave's original version has been around for quite some time now, and has even been revised once(after Lasse's pretty scathing criticism ;) ). What struck me with Dave's original version was that it was pretty different from a lot of other campaigns. There is often only one vic hex to be taken, and the front lines are very fluid meaning that you risk having Russian reinforcements arriving where you least suspect it.

The main objective with the conversion has been to keep Dave's original thoughts with how the campaign would play, but there are still quite a few changes that have been made to the scenarios in order to enhance playability.
The most striking thing has been to change the player country to Finland, meaning that you can't buy any German units in this version which you could in the original version. That's one of the reasons why the campaign name has been changed, the other reason is of course that any blame for bugs/irregularities in the campaign should be directed at ME and not the original campaign designer. The idea of making this into a Finnish campaign has to be credited to Adler who originally suggested it in his forum.
The old version had two things which were a bit irritating; A very strong Soviet air force and an over reliance on artillery in defensive positions (some of them overlapping one another). Both of these things had to be reduced due to the lowered caps and the higher prices in the Adlerkorps, meaning that you could't afford to field quite as large a core like you could in the WK version.
Overall this means that the campaign will probably be slightly different than the original version (and more of an infantry campaign than the original version).

There are also quite a few texts that have been changed (which is also John's work).
The idea of including a Swedish Voluntary Corps unit (SFK unit) as a core unit, was actually John's idea (believe it or not :p ). It's a bit unhistorical, since the Swedes didn't arrive until the spring of 1940, but since the campaign is fairly unhistorical as it is - we hope you don't mind too much.
There are far too many mountain maps used in this campaign if you compare to how Finland really looks (but Dave really didn't have the same choice of maps like we have nowadays).
The third scenario - Koirinoja - is a scenario where a BV isn't possible. This scenario hasn't been changed from the original version (although it has been set to the Konrad2 map instead of the standard Konrad map) - and may strike you as an odd scenario.

The campaign is strictly linear so expect to play 15 scenarios.

The campaign has been playtested three times by myself and twice by Daerandir. The actual conversion was done by me, but many of the changes to the scenarios have been suggested by John after his playtesting, so part of the blame if you have problems with the campaign should be directed at John as well :p

Campaign Settings:
25% Field Marshal's level
50% General's level
75% Officer's level
100% NCO level
125% or above Troopie's level

And lastly for those unfamiliar with Finnish names (Steve et alia...)
Sissi have both Para and Mountaineering abilities
Pioneeri have Engineering ability
Tienraivaaja have Bridging ability.

Have fun


PS: Dave's Introduction
Pzmaniac's note: I asked Dave to write an introduction to the campaign for the challenge, so here it is (somewhat belatedly but nevertheless....

After hearing so many compliments and positive feedback from my first campaign "The Gallantry of 7.Panzerarmee", reading the "other perspective" came as a shock to me. It was a shock because there was some truth to what was written - the overuse of artillery and AD, and the consistency to which I used them. Hence, I created "The Lumberjack Regiment", where I did my best to use greater variation with the AI. With the (then) new campaign, I also purposely made it tough - so much, that in looking back, I vowed that I will not again create such an unforgiving campaign. Never in my mind did I expect somebody would like it enough to modify it to their tastes and "rerelease" it, which is what PzManiac and Daerandir did.

I like their ideas in the modifications. They adapted it to the equipment file that a lot of players like, the AdlerKorps file, and they made it into a "real" Lumberjack Regiment - NO german units can be requisitioned on the player's side. The modified campaign is now appropriately called "The Finnish Lumberjack Regiment".

Naturally, because of the reduced strength of the player, there had to be some downgrades to the AI. Some of which are reductions in artillery strengths, fighter strengths, tank numbers and strengths, and in some cases, almost a complete overhaul of thescenario.

I'm sure that, like any campaign designer, PzManiac and Daerandir will be very interested in reading about your experiences in playing the new, modified campaign. Those of you who participate in this campaign challenge, your input will be greatly appreciated.

Dave Anderson


Download package for OpenGen:

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