CC XVIII Announcement

Ostfront by Andreas Seidel for Builders Paradise Efile.

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CC XVIII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 16:56, Friday

Proudly Presents

Andreas Seidel’s
Modified for BP by Maarten Folkers

We’ve dug up and dusted off a bit of history for you guys this time.
Seidel’s Ostfront may be one of the first five or six user-made campaigns ever published! And was most likely the very first to employ (at that time) Lasse Jensen’s “New” campaign creating tools and well be the first campaign to include user-made maps.
Now with this in mind the older campaign designers had little knowledge on how the cap worked so if you wish to play at 100% you will have HUGE amounts of prestige. For this reason we have set the prestige structure accordingly:

Field Marshal’s Challenge 25%
General’s Challenge 50%
Officer’s Challenge 75%
Non Com’s Challenge 100%
And Troopie’s Challenge 101% and above.

Another note, You can LOSE this campaign. If you take a loss during the first six scenarios as well as scenarios 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 18 you will be dumped out and have to restart! Ah, the good old days.

This campaign is perfect for all you players that have been watching the CC forum but for one reason or another have opted not to join in as it has a near painless download and instalation, plus there is planty of prestige and you really need not worry about the cap. Classic Bltizkreig!

This campaign has no restrictions or binding garments to chafe and cause rashes. Your core depending on which prestige level you choose may well become a :monster I expect to see Jawn’s HUGE air corps, Darek’s horde of tanks, Mick should have 20 to 30 towed AT, may have an entire core of ARTY and Steve may actually finish!
I shall see you all for the opening shots of Operation Barbarosa!
Good luck Herr Generals!

Special Rule: Scenario #10 No BV at Stalingrad!

After reading several advance intelligence reports and cross checking with two editors and a readme file. It has been determined that if you were to achieve a Brilliant Victory at Stalingrad the campaign is OVER!

You will need to take a Victory or less at Stalingrad to continue the campaign AND qualify for the Scroll of Honor!


Download package for OpenGen:

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