CC XIX Announcement

Band of Brothers by Doug Hone for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XIX Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 17:01, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Is proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XIX

Doug Hone’s

Here we go! As soon as the H-patch was released Doug reopened this beauty and started editing his already great campaign for the 101st Airborne. I’ve played this campaign and I must as far as Company level campaigns go this one is the benchmark that all others will be judged by!
Doug has written a very in depth campaign introduction so I’ll be short.
Steve has once again bundled all of the essentials for your playing needs. Many thanks Steve.

The prestige levels will be:
General of the Army 0%
Field Marshal 50%
General 75%
Officer 100%
NCO 125%
Troop 150% and above.

Good luck men…you’re gonna need it!

P.S. :bullhorn READ the readme!

And now a few hundred words from Doug ;)

G'day Challenge Campaigners

I'm very happy that my Band of Brothers campaign has been chosen for CC19 and hope that it proves both enjoyable and challenging for you all. Those of you who played the first version will notice many changes and even those who recently played version 2 will now play an entirely new scenario on my latest map Haguenau (or 2 if you manage a BV in the first).

I was of course inspired to make the campaign after watching the Television series of the same name. When I sat down and played around with a first scenario idea I soon realized that 'Easy Company' was only going to be at best, 1/3 of an Infantry unit so I decided to make the campaign at Company level and cover the entire 506th Regiment. I searched for many weeks for information about the 101st Airborne Division and particularly the 506th. I found that during the Normandy Campaign the 506th had very particular objectives and that special 'mission' type scenarios were going to be needed, this called for more detailed maps so I made the Carentan map which you will all become very familiar with :)

Because of the specific nature of the Normandy scenarios I put the rules in place to maintain a core that could get BVs but still be a challenge to the player. I had to make most of the US equipment non-purchasable so the player would not receive prototypes that would unbalance the core force. This meant that later in the campaign when the 506th were actually equipped with better material there could be no upgrade options. Thankfully the "H Patch" has drastically changed this and let me make the scenarios with no prototypes so allowing plenty of upgrade options later on. The player should not reload to gain a BV as no prototype will be awarded in any scenario and the scenario rewards are very similar, I think there is plenty of prestige for the player to keep his units at full overstrength and to upgrade here and there later.

All scenarios are as close to history as I could get the game of PG2. To manage even the POW scenario which follows actual events where the 501st were pulled from the line prior to the Battle of the Bulge and trained to make a jump behind enemy lines to break out prisoners from a makeshift POW camp in the Ardenne forest. Once the player reaches the Operation Market Garden scenarios the battles become larger and you will command 3 divisions. I had thought of making this battle many months before and it ended up fitting perfectly with the 506th as they played a key role in the battle. I spent several days creating the Glider Transport units and getting them to work the way they do but in the end used them only a little. They fly like an Air Transport but can disembark on a hex anywhere that the unit it is carrying can normally occupy.

I can't stress enough the need to read the scenario briefs and to make. Sure you print out the D.Day map to have on hand for scenarios 3 and 4/5. I also created a few unique units, which are explained in the "Readme.txt", and apart from these the units are all from Von Adler’s 2000 e-file so I give him full credit for these.

I hope you all enjoy playing BoB and I look forward to reading your AARs and hopefully getting feedback that I can put to good use in a future update.

Happy Hunting.



Download package for OpenGen:

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