CC XX Announcement

Estonian War of Independence by Toliy for Baltic Efile.

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CC XX Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 17:04, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Proudly presents
Campaign Challenge XX

The Estonian Campaign
By Toliy with the Baltic WWI e-file

Here we go "Momsters©" for JP’s twentieth CC we have a WWI challenge for you. Some of you have asked for a crappy equipment challenge well here it is! While air craft may play a vital role in this war they will not turn the tide for you as in WWII, and while you may have some units that ah…resemble tanks I wouldn’t suggest you use your “bltzkrieg” tactics! There will be long static fronts and trench warfare!
This is WWI and artillery will rule, AT cannot attack ‘Hard’ targets, machine guns can change the course of a battle, warships are literally floating gun platforms and you WILL lose core units! Many of your tried and true tricks that you have come to rely upon in the past will get you in deep Shitomir©!

Remember that losses do NOT kick you out of the campaign. Also there is an option to end the campaign early by taking a loss at Dvinsk Liberation and Dvinsk Alliance this option exists only for those playing above 100% reload if you must.
By the way Toliy has done some great work on the smacks for this campaign, you should check them out. And one additional item; while the campaign will play with the G-patch Toliy has added some new features (mostly new icons) so the H-patch and most recent datup will enhance your game play.
Also; This is an updated version of Toliy’s campaign which is making it’s debut here. You will be able to get it from the clearing house only after this CC has begun.

This is a campaign compiled of a great variety of scenarios however many are incredibly grueling and difficult with that in mind we have modified the prestige ranking system:

Field Marshal 25%
General 50%
Officer 100%
NCO 150%
Troop 200% and above

Good Luck Herr’re gonna need it :gasp

Viva la Revolution!

CC XX Announcement


Download package for OpenGen:

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