CC XXI Announcement

Dutch Campaign by Dennis Felling for Leon Efile.

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CC XXI Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 19:17, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Is proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXI

Dennis Felling’s
Dutch Campaign v. 2.0
with Leon’s 2000 E-File

Well fellow Momsters© it’s finally here, CC#21.
I hope you all have survived the summer holiday season, the Momsters© Holiday Challenge and whatever counterattacks reality has thrown at you these last few months and are ready for the 2004-2005 Campaign Challenge season. We’ve picked out several well done and diverse campaigns for the next few CCs and for our return I think we’ve picked a good one in Dennis’ Dutch campaign. I like this camp for a few reasons one of which is the changing of theaters. From early war Europe to the Pacific and back to late war Europe. So get your passports ready we’ve got some fighting to do!

So without further ado (on my part) here’s Dennis:

Finally my time has come. Instead of saying I can recall my first CC and how much I loved it, I can’t… :lol However most CCs have been fun and were always of high quality and many of these have inspired me in some way. And, as I said, my time has come. I have made five campaigns, only one of them being historical, and this has been chosen for CC21 (everybody else uses CCXXI :lol ). The Dutch Campaign, lasting from 1940-1945, using Leon’s equipement file version 6.1b (not ANY other!). Especially for this CC I have updated the campaign and now it uses various version 2.00 features, resulting in version 2.00!!!

Now some more about the campaign itself. You start in May 1940 when Germany invade the neutral country of the Netherlands. You will challenge the Germans but they prove to be too strong. You get evacuated to the Dutch colony of the Dutch East Indies where the Japanese attack in 1942. Again the war is lost. But in 1943 you hold the Japanese at Merauke and are being brought back to Europe where Operation Market-Garden has started on Dutch soil. You will fight the Germans in heavy battles in will reconquer the southern part of the Netherlands. In May 1945 the Germans surrender and your men will take part in the last episodes of the Pacific War and retake Tarakan from the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies.

The campaign is historical. However this can never be reached a 100%. For example, no Dutch units were switched between Europe and the East-Indies during the war (not of any real size), and other things. However these are really minor things and I can say the campaign is 99% historical. Off course Festung von Braun, Fort Damgaard and Kampfgruppe Felling are completely unhistorical, however these have playtested this campaign (the latter made it :p ) and made valuable comments that resulted in this CC version.

The core in the campaign will not be large. Usually a ten units is about it. And there won’t be much Blitzing. Why? Because the Dutch never had any real tanks! :lol Seriously, all the engagements where the Dutch were involved were mostly infantry versus the enemy. And this campaign reflects this. However don’t be scared: the enemy usually consists of infantry only as well. ;)

Some more about certain scenarios that will be questions, or more likely angry comments :stress , about.

Fortress Holland has a large enemy airforce. This might sound like some dumb way of making the scenario hard. Well, in fact that’s correct. :D However, realize the historical situation: the battle was just as well fought on the ground as in the air. The German Luftwaffe suffered tremendous losses in these few days, and on the ground more than 1600 German elite paratroopers could be send to England as POWs. But don’t be afraid, it’s the only scenario that has this amount of aircraft. And it could very well be that all aircraft in all other scenarios combined are less than in this scenario. :D

Zeeland (no not Sealand! We’re not in Denmark!!! :shake can be a bit weird for some. It is one of that type of scenario where you can only lose. That means sitting out the turns as best as possible. Usually this means holding some line. This time, however, the Germans are strong, not letal but will be if you try to hold them down long and they are able to muster their strength. The solution is to retreat. Yes, that’s right. RUN!!! Defend at, defensively seen, useful places, and when the Germans are getting the overhand, retreat orderly. You might lose a unit (can happen to everyone) but this way you should be able to survive.

Merauke has no Japanese victoryhexes to capture. Nope, this time you WILL lose at least one, or more likely some more, and those need to be recaptured. If you have them all under control again, you will win. You can make use of naval as well as air transport!!!

All other scenarios, should be clear to everybody. And if not, there are enough around to help you, that’s including me. :)

You’re still reading? :nyet START PLAYING! The Dutch are waiting for you. Lang Leve Nederland!!!

Have fun!


Good Luck Herr Generals


Download package for OpenGen:

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