CC XXII Announcement

December 1942 by Maarten Folkers for Adlerkorps, Builder Paradise or Latin Generals Efiles.

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CC XXII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 19:24, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Is proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXII

Maarten Folkers
November 1942

With your choice of three e-files:
Adlerkorps 4000 0.11, Latin Generals 1.02 and BP

That’s right! Defending the Reich the way SSI should have made it and your choice of e-file! So pick an e-file and play, once you completed the CC try another, but beware due to the generous artillery stats in BP make that e-file the most difficult of the three. That’s all from me. Jan “PZManiac” Hedstrom did all the hard work converting this campaign to these three e-files so he has written the readmes.
Once again Steve has up-loaded the campaign, e-files and map bundle, thanks Steve.

Good luck Herr Generals

Important playing information:
This is a campaign where you're supposed to be playing with a set core.
In addition to the core units already present on the map at the first scenario you should buy:
3 towed AT with horse tpt
2 towed Artillery with horse tpt
2 recon units
2 towed AD with horse tpt
3 reg Infanty w/o tpt
3 Gebirgsjæger w/o tpt
Making a total of 15 units (in addition to the original core units which consist of 2 tanks, 1 SPAT, 1 recon, 1 arty, 2 SS Infantry, 1 Brueckenpioniere, 2 fighters).

During the play you will receive prestige that will allow you to upgrade these units and the original core units.
Please note that an upgrade of all purchased units will increase your core army value, and this will bring you closer to the so-called CAP, that determines how much after-scenario prestige you will receive after a scenario. If you upgrade'wrong' units early on you might risk receiving little or none after-scenario prestige, something that will make it very difficult (if not impossible) for you to end the campaign, since you won'thave enough prestige for necessary upgrades. It is therefore advisable that you upgrade your original core units (esp. the two tanks, the SPAT and your fighters) early on. It's also NOT advisable to buy any NEW additional units during the campaign, since this will also increase your core army value. However buying units to replace lost units is a different matter.
If you play with the PG2 2.00 you will be able to buy experienced replacements to make up for any unit losses along the way, so you don't need to reload just to avoid a single unit loss.
The caps will also make it possible to replace some of the original core losses (with a valueof around 1000)...So you can replace one of the original tanks or two original infantry, but you can't replace more heavy losses to your original core... (If you for instance lose both your tanks early on, I advise you to restart the scenario instead of continuing to play).

This is a campaign with medium to hard difficulty level.
Veterans should play this at 50-75, experienced players at 75-100, while newbies should play this campaign at 125 or higher.
Some scenarios don't give out much in-scenario prestige so there is not a huge difference in playing levels, but you will need some prestige to refit units especially early on in the campaign, and such prestige will be very difficult to obtain if you play at a lower prestige setting.

Playtesting, credits and contact information
This campaign has been playtested at 100% by myself after converting the campaing. Credits are also due to Luiz Guzman for his wonderful suite, and Carl'Programmer' Ankerstjerne for his Campaign editor.This work would have been a lot more arduous without these great toys.
Many thanks to Maarten Folkers for letting me convert his enjoyable campaign.
Any blame/criticism on this conversion should be addressed to myself and not to Maarten. Any problems/comments connected with this version can be addressed directly to myself at or you can post your questions either at JP's panzers (The PG2 main section preferably) or at Builder's Paradise (the Scenario, campaign section). Please mark them ATT: PzManiac.

I hope you enjoy the campaign
Jan Hedström (aka PzManiac)

CCXXII Unit purchase, upgrade and replacement rules!!!

OK guys...We're back on the Ostfront, and for the first time we're doing a CC with choice efile. Maarten's November 42 is a fairly linear campaign with 15 scenarios of the Defending the Reich type, so expect a lot of defending :p

The campaign is to be played with a set core. On the first game turn you will need to buy a specific number of core auxiliaries (please details further down).

Versions and difficulty levels
There are three possible versions you can choose from:
The Builders Paradise version (v1.5)
The Adlerkorps version (v2.2)
The Latin Generals' version (v3.1)

Please note that we're using a special campaign BP version (not Maarten's original version)... If you're getting prototypes you ARE using the wrong version :evil

WARNING! If you are using the BP version you should know that is a MORE difficult version than the other two, since this version uses Maarten's original caps, while the other versions have slightly higher caps (to allow a player to replace some lost original core units).. This will make it much more difficult to upgrade your tanks to heavy tanks, especially since they cost a lot in the BP efile... So if you want to use the BP version, don't say we didn't warn you :devil

Regardless of which efile you choose to use these are the difficulty levels:

Field Marshal’s Challenge 25%
General’s Challenge 50%
Officer’s Challenge 100%
Non Com’s Challenge 125%
And Troopie’s Challenge 150% and above.

NOTE! Remember to note which efile you are using, or the level you are playing in your thread title. It will make our life a little bit easier if you make sure the title of the first post in your thread has all the information (e.g. Wolfshanze's CCXXII @ 200% with AK ).

Here is some more information by Maarten Folkers about the campaign
The what if concept and it’s consequences for a defensive campaign.
What irritates me most in the SSI defending the Reich campaign is that there are no consequences to a victory. The player wins the winterstorm scenario, but in half a year he is at Kursk, playing Kursk as if Stalingrad had been lost. It gets even worse after the Normandy scenario, where the player overruns three-quarters of the invasion force, and plays Nordwind half a year later. In this campaign I want to follow a different line: exploring what battles would be fought because of the player’s effect on history. (for more information please read the Background document included in the download).

The core army and the auxiliary core army
At the beginning of the first scenario, you can deploy one Romanian unit. This is the moment you should buy your auxiliary core army.
Your core army consists of the 22nd Pz and two air units and is already deployed on the map. This Core thus consists of free units. They do not weigh against the cap, and can thus be upgraded without affecting it.
Your auxiliary core army are the units you should buy at the beginning of the first scenario. These are units that weigh against the cap. Thus upgrading them will affect the cap and should only be done when the cap gets higher.

The reasons for The core army and the auxiliary core army
I want the player to have a large core army during the campaign, but I do not want this to become an army of 9 Sturmpioniere, three Jagdpanthers and long-range super artillery. Also free core units make losing one a disaster. Losing an auxiliary core unit is not that much of a problem: due to the prestige management system of this campaign you can easily replace it, and do not have to worry to much about losing a unit now and then.

The auxiliary core army you should field:
Compared to Maarten, we can actually "order" generals to buy a certain core set-up, so this is what you should buy in the first scenario.

3x towed AT with horse tpt
2x towed Artillery with horse tpt
2x recon units
2x towed AD with horse tpt
3x regular type Infanty w/o tpt (that means - no special ability like E,P,M,B for them)
3x Gebirgsjæger w/o tpt

Making a total of 15 units (in addition to the original 'free core' units which consist of 2 tanks, 1 SPAT, 1 recon, 1 arty, 2 SS Infantry, 1 Brueckenpioniere, 2 fighters).

Special Note - valid only for updated version 3.1 for LG: In this version both tanks have been removed from player's 'free core' placed initially on the map. Players should purchase 2 tanks together with units listed above on their own!

Upgrade/replacement rules
Players are allowed to upgrade their set core at their own wish and convenience (provided that there is prestige available :naughty ) with ONE notabel exception. Players are NOT allowed to upgrade their towed ATs and towed ADs to SPATs/SPADs. However players playing at a prestige setting of 150 and above can disregard this exception.

There will be a possibility no buy experienced replacements so you will be able to replace minor losses to your core. However a major loss (like losing both your 'free core' tanks) will NOT be possible to replace, so in such a case, you might want to consider restarting the scenario you lost them in. :p

Players should always replace lost units (and thus maintain the set core) unless you lack the necessary prestige to do so. This means that you should replace lost units before buying new ones or upgrading.

Since you will be given the possibility to buy experienced units there is no rule preventing you from sell off units that have failed to accumulate much prestige and buy replacement units with higher experience should you want to do so. :yes


Download package for OpenGen: (Adlerkorps) (Builders Paradise) (Latin Generals)

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