CC XXIII Announcement

For Croatia and Christ by Patrice Gaudette for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XXIII Announcement

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JP’s Panzers
Is proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXIII

Patrice Gaudette’s
For Croatia and Christ
with Adlerkorps v.0.75 or higher

It’s time for another minor nations campaign and we thought Arpitec’s campaign was just the ticket. So get ready for some mountain fighting and a bunch of units you can’t pronounce ;)
It is a short campaign which we felt would work well over the holidays so that you may play either before or after the holidays and still be reading for CC#24 in late January.
See you somewhere near Donji Lapac
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PzMoan has diligently playtested the campaign and Steve has once again bundled everything for your convenience…thanks :steve and :whine

On Jan’s suggestion the difficulty levels will be set as follows:
50% Field Marshal’s level
75% General
150% NCO
200% Troopie


And now a few words from Patrice

Hi guys!

I still remember not so long ago, a guy named Steve Brown making fun of Adler for having a country such as Croatia in his E-file. It made me curious to learn more about Croatia. So, I decided to build a campaign to show you a brief history of the Croatian Army during World War 2.

No Blitzkrieg here ! This is a home defense anti-partisan campaign. Also, you won't have to worry about Soviets troops during this campaign (this is another story).
It is historical and captures the feel of the fight in the Balkans. The A.I will behave like a guerrilla force and you'll have limited core deployment in most of the scenarios.

Starting from scenario 5, all prototypes and all new units will have a strength of 8. Why ? To show Croat defections and Pz IIIN that will unbalance the campaign in the late scenarios.

Try to overstrenght you units whenever it's possible.

I hope that you will enjoy as for the first time a minor Axis nation as a Campaign Challenge and that you'll learn a bit of Croatian history during World War 2 (Steve included).

Have fun and Good luck !

arpitec (Patrice)


Download package for OpenGen:

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