CC XXVII Announcement

Soviet Black Sea Campaign by Dennis Felling for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XXVII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 19:39, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Is proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXVII

DF Dennis Felling’s
using Adlerkorps4000 0.25

The playing levels are as follows:
25% Field Marshal’s level
50% General
100% Officer’s
150% NCO
200+% Troopie

Hello comrades. It has been a long time since we have gone into battle together with Russian Armies, da?
I think Dennis has created a very fine campaign as well as a very lengthy Whoopyish introduction, so in order to save bandwidth I will be brief.

Good luck comrade Generals.

My second CC! I truly feel honoured. There aren’t many Soviet campaigns around, and half of them go about post-1945 battles. Besides, many if not all, Soviet campaigns for PG2 follow the known battles. With the Soviet Black Sea Campaign I tried to avoid these two points. First it takes you from the early battles in 1941 and stops in the Balkan in 1944. It has known battles, Sevastopol and Rostov, but also less known battles like Falciu and Ordhonokidze. Though the campaign’s title has a sea involved, you won’t going to be an admiral. Just all the battles you will fight in close to the Black Sea. And in fact, the campaign takes you from the western coasts of this Black Sea to its eastern, and back. In 1941 and 1942 you will be pushed back, deeper into Russia. In the winter of 1942/1943 the tide turns and in 1943 and 1944 you will victoriously liberate the Ukraine and even invade the German allies of Rumania and Bulgaria. A third point with this Soviet campaign and older Soviet campaigns, is their date of construction. My campaign is new and is thus able to use all the new features of efiles and patches. You cannot blame the old campaign for being made before that era but it gives more variaty to the game and thus the campaign, compared to the older campaigns.

An immediately consequence of choosing this theatre is that you will not only fight the well known German panzer divisions. On just a few occasions you will encounter them. Most of the time, the brunt of the Wehrmacht, its infantry, will be your opponent. Next to this is that not solely the Germans will be the enemy. Many times you will find Rumanian units on their side. Heck, in the first two scenarios the only enemy is Rumania! For your core the theatre does not change much to your units. Infantry is important because it was the backbone of the huge Red Army. But you will have your tanks, artillery and everything else. Just do not expect to get the best of everything immediately. You can go for quantity or quality concerning your core. What’s the best? The fact is that they are equal.

This campaign also lets you buy units with experience – the further you are in the campaign, the more experience new units will have. The further you progress into the campaign, you will find out that the enemy gets more experienced. If you lose units, usually they are utterly irreplacable. In a way, they still are. But at least your new unit, to replace the old one, is not a sitting duck waiting to be shot. This campaign also uses next to offensive scenarios, defensive scenarios where you just have to hold out with your core. Two of the latter ones are Sevastopol 1941 and Odessa 1941. They follow after another with just two or three scenarios in between. In a way they are quite similar and long. So it might be wise to take a break in between. And third, this campaign also gives out prototypes at almost every scenario. So a BV will benefit you!

I want to thank everyone who will be played this CC and the guys who have already played it. I hope you will post your sincere opinions about everything. I will gather all these comments and by using them a guide I will try to make the campaign even better.

Kind regards,

Dennis Felling
August 2005


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