CC XXIX Announcement

Modified German World Campaign by Andreas Seidel and Jan Hedström (PzManiac) for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XXIX Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 19:46, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXIX

Jan Hedström's
Modified German World Campaign
for AdlerKorps4000
(Based on Andreas Seidel’s original "German World Campaign" for WK efile)

The playing levels are as follows:
30% Field Marshal’s level
60% General
100% Officer’s
150% NCO
>151% Troopie

Campaign Introduction

Dear Momsters,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce this campaign for Campaign Challenge XXIX.

When replaying this campaign to check the difficulty levels before launching this CC, I was a bit amazed of how well this campaign has kept itself. After all this is one of the earlier user-made campaigns, when there was no Luis Guzman Suite around and the general knowledge of scenario and campaign design was considerably less that it is today.

Having said that, when I released this Modified version of Andrea's original Waffenkammer campaign, I did some small modifications in order to adjust to what players like today. But still this is a very typical SSI Blitzkrieg clone campaign, where you get to fight all over the world (like in the original SSI Blitz you also get to invade the US.) One of the main changes was the reduction of scenarios compared to Andrea's original camp (from 46 to 29). I specifically wanted that the campaign should be compatible with the Challenge Campaign format, and besides some of the scenarios that were left out won't be missed by anyone. I also took out some scenarios that are often played in other German campaigns (like Novgorod).

You will start the campaign with only one core unit (a bunker unit), and you will have to buy the rest of your units. This unit can later be upgraded to a fortification, but it can also be sold. Players playing at lower prestige levels should probably sell it off pretty quickly and buy other units for the cash.
Whatever you do please stay below the cap during the campaign. Otherwise you will lose a LOT of prestige during the late-war scenarios. Players playing at higher prestige levels should use their extra in-scenario prestige to refit their units instead of buying a huge core. You don't really need such a big core in the campaign, as you will often receive aux units to help you out. A Fallschirm unit is definitely a necessary unit if you want to take BV in all scenarios. Prototypes are restricted in the campaign. There are some to get but not five-six after one another. Andreas originally had artificially purchasing restrictions telling you what to buy when. I removed them in my original conversion, since they aren't really necessary (which you can see when playing the campaign :poke ) if you control the prestige better than how it was done in Andrea's original version. (When this campaign was originally released most designers (if not all) simply didn't have the knowledge on how the cap worked)

As for the difficulty level of the campaign. BVs are generally fairly challenging, meaning you have to plan in order to take a BV. On the other hand you will have to play pretty lousy if you can't stay in the campaign (meaning that Vs and TVs should be fairly easy to get provided you play at a suitable level). Field Marshal level and General's level are very challenging compared to some of our other challenges, so please don't choose these levels if you don't like to reload a scenario. (I personally had to restart Lillehammer 10 times :yuck when pre-playing this challenge)

Lastly some advice. Please try and focus on the objectives in hand. If you think that you have time to drive around to capture flags like in the old SSI Blitzkrieg, you're in for a surprise. Many of the scenarios will force you to keep your units together (don't fall for the ruse of spreading your units on several deployment areas) and to move as quickly as possible towards the vic hex(es). In addition if you keep on fighting for ordinary flag hexes, you will also miss the BVs. This means that you have to buy fast units in the beginning (meaning motorized and the fastest moving trucks), remember that this is Blitzkrieg and not "hanging-around-killing-most-units-type-of-war" :P

Good luck Herr General...
Jan Hedström - "Pzmaniac"

BTW, Any criticism should be addressed to myself and NOT to the original campaign designer who is not to be blamed for any inconsistencies on my part.


Download package for OpenGen:

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