CC XXX Announcement

Deutsches Afrikakorps by Santiago Fuertes and Pablo Schlegel for Latin Generals Efile.

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CC XXX Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 19:51, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXX

Latin Generals
Deutsches Afrika Korps
for LG 3.2 efile

Welcome to Africa generals!

As soon as you get in contact with the atmosphere of this savage lands, the heat and the burning sands, you will quickly know that this is a thing completely different from the European soils; this is the North African Desert. Supply lines are long, and unsafe, our soldiers soon get exhausted under the powerful Sun of Africa, and the machines are sometimes like saucepans, but we should manage to stop the defeat of our Italian allies here, in Africa. Otherwise, they would be able to take advantage in the Mediterranean by using the North African bases, and the Royal Navy would be unstoppable.

The orders are clear; stop the British and hold the line, but if you are the qualified soldier we already think you are, you will be able to advance far away from this limited orders, like Rommel did, achieving the highest goalds, and reaching the most unthinkable goals in Africa, like take the Oil depots of the Middle East... But take care, usually the enemy will be outnumbering your troops.

The campaign

First of all, we would like to thank the Campaign Challenge team for select our DAK campaign for this CC, specially Pzmaniac and Highlander for the tests they have made, and the advises we have received from them.

The campaign comprises all the historial battles of the Deutsches Afrika-Korps in Afrika from 1941 in advance, using a dinamical path; you can select where to go, depending from your achieved goals. In this way, you can end the campaign battling the American Operation Torch in Tunisia, or fighting with the Soviets in Tehran for the control over the rich oil fields of the Persian Gulf. It depends on you.

Behind the computer scenario and info

We have tried to make a rigorous historical campaign, translated this into correct OOBs for the units. The original version includes also a deployed historical core, with the 21 Panzer Division, and the 5 Leichte Division completely depicted, but for this CC version, we have erased it, allowing the player to build up his own army with the prestige points offered at the begining of the campaign.

The making of this campaign took around six months of investigation, scenario designing and testing, but we hope everybody can continue taking a lot of fun with this campaign, now with this CC, first of the CCs made with The Latin Generals equipment file, just this month, three years after the creation of The Latin Generals.

Good Luck to all during his battles in the burning sands of the desert!

Santiago Fuertes

The playing levels are as follows:

For the first time in CC history, the CC team has decided to change the prestige settings on one of the CCs - CC30 The DAK campaign from the LatinGenerals :oops

We've decided that all Generals that have finished the campaign at 50% will be upgraded to Field Marshals..

New General's level will be set to 75%

We've concluded that the original Field Marshal's setting at 25% was virtually unplayable, hence the need for a change of settings..(see more below for an explanation of the problem)

New settings:
Field Marshal's level 50%
General's level 75%
100% Officer’s
150% NCO
>151% Troopie

Explanation of the problem
Since starting prestige is set as turn prestige, instead of a fixed value, starting prestige will vary with the prestige settings. The initial 2000 you get to buy an army at 100% will therefore only be 500 at 25%, which won't allow you to field an adequate army through the campaign, since you will in addition only receive very small amounts of after-scenario prestige (between 50-100 in prestige).


Download package for OpenGen:

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