CC XXXI Announcement

US Marine Corps Campaign by Steve Brown for Pacific Theater Efile.

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CC XXXI Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 21:16, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXXI

Steve Brown's
US Marine Corps Campaign
v2.0 for pacfile 4.11

:welcome Welcome to CC31... my US Marine Corps Campaign!! :hi
CC31 is v2.0 of the campaign, which should be played with at least v4.0 of the Pacific Equipment File. The Pacific Equipment File uses a lot of the capabilities of the "unofficial" v2.10 PG2 Patch... so if you are not familiar with the file please read the readme in the equipment file download.

This version of the campaign has been playtested and BVs are possible in all scenarios (except scenarios where it is not possible to take a BV :p )...

If you have not played this campaign:

The US Marine Corps Campaign was specifically designed to be unlike European campaigns. There are no wide sweeping armoured attacks (or wide sweeping any attacks), rather the battles are tough grinding battles in very bad terrain. Most scenarios involve slow-moving offensives against well entrenched enemies (or defensive scenarios against fanatic enemies :| )... here are some important points.

* If you play this campaign just like you are in Russia you will probably lose badly.

* You don't need to buy transport for your infantry (although it can be an advantage to get transport for 1 or 2 units later in the campaign), in fact you can get away to a certain extent with not buying transport for your artillery.

* This is an infantry campaign so you should develop a good infantry force with support artillery and AD, before you think about armor. Armored units are very useful but they should not be the core of your core.

* It is often suicide to send a lone unit on a daring attack behind enemy lines unless they have some sort of support or way to escape.

* Artillery and aircraft may seem to be useless but I intend them to be used more to suppress the enemy in preparation for your troops - so try and pound the Japanese with plenty of artillery and aircraft before you attack.

* The Iwo Jima scenario was not made by me (it was made by Chris Nies aka PFC Lobo :lobo ) and it has an evil "trick" that may seem like a mistake in the scenario but it is completely intentional, because it is historically accurate. :devil

I hope you enjoy the campaign! :stress

Steve :steve

The playing levels are as follows:
0% Field Marshal’s level
50% General
100% Officer’s
200% NCO
300% Troopie


Download package for OpenGen:

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