CC XXXII Announcement

No Price Too High by George (MG43) for Composite Efile.

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CC XXXII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 21:20, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXXII

No Price Too High
v3.0 for Composite Efile

On September 10th 1939, well aware that the coming conflict would be long and demanding, Canada joined Britain and the other Commonwealth countries in declaring war on Germany. It would be some time before Canadian forces would fully be able to participate.The Canadian government's first priority was to build an army, navy, and airforce from practically nothing, and then prepare to fight for the righteous and just cause the young nation had committed to. At first, although many Canadians wished to remain optimistic, uncertainty prevailed: France had fallen and Britain was threatened with invasion. For the most part, Canada's early experiences in WW2 did little to boost confidence at home. The Canadians sent to help defend Hong Kong did not return, U-boats began nightly attacks deep into Canada's main waterway, and then more than half of the 5000 Canadians involved in the Dieppe raid were either killed or captured. But, with an armed forces composed mainly of volunteers, the Canadian will to triumph did not falter. It was against this backdrop of adversity that the Canadian soldier's collective courage and spirit would rise, bringing them to play their part in two great European theater campaigns: they fought for twenty months in Italy, and were in the front lines when the Allies returned to Continental Europe on D-Day in 1944. For the defeat of Nazi Germany, no price was too high. This is their story....

First off, I want to thank the CC team for taking a chance on the "new guy" of campaign and e-file designers! Also would like to thank the various people who played the earlier versions of NPTH and provided feedback on the campaign and E-file, especially Daerandir, 1Terminator, ArmygroupDF,and Highlander70. NPTH v3.0 and the Composite E-file v2.0 play much better because of You!

No Price too High, was my first created campaign for PG2. It started out as a semi-historical campaign tracing Canada's involvement in WW2 1941-45. This version, updated for CC32, is almost a historical campaign. All units are named, except the player's core units, but there are still 2 semi-hisorical scenarios in the campaign: Operation Gauntlet did not involve any combat with the Germans, only demolitions and evacuations. And Operation Spartan actually also did involve the RAF and the RCAF. The remainder of the scenarios are all as historically accurate as I could make them. After Operation Husky, the campaign splits into 2 equal paths: Normandy and Italy. This was done because Canada was involved in both campaigns at the same time. To keep historical accuracy, they merge at the Rhineland scenario. If you would like to play both paths, I would suggest that you make a dedicated save game at the choice scenario, then after finishing one path, you could load the savegame and start the other path. Enjoy!

First of all, I want to thank some of the E-file designers that came before me! In particular Andreas Seidel, Lasse Jensen, Mikael von Adler, Luis Guzman and the National treasure: Leon Usachev. The Composite E-file started out being based on a mixture of different E-files, but it has gradually evolved into an E-file with it's own unique identity. Instead of listing some points about the Composite E-file, I'll let you, the player, find out for yourself!

Well that's basically it, hope you enjoy CC32:"No Price too High v3.0"


The playing levels are as follows:
0% Tim Horton’s level
50% General Shatner
100% Donald Sutherland
200% Hockey Player
300% Mountie


Download package for OpenGen:

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