CC XXXIII Announcement

For Our Freedom and Yours by Mikael Anteskog (von Adler) for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XXXIII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 21:22, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXXIII

von Adler's
For Our Freedom and Yours
wth the Adlerkorps 4000 Efile

The following intro from von Adler contains some useful playing hints - CC Team.

Hello all. I am very happy that my Polish campaign, For Our Freedom and Yours (FOFY) has been chosen for a CC.

This campaign outlines most (not all though) of the fighting Polish troops were commited to during ww2.

Poland 1939
Bzura Counterattack
Bzura Breakout
Kampinoski Forest
Defence of Warsaw

Norway 1940

France 1940
Marne-Rhein Canal

Libya 1941
Defence of Tobruk
Operation Crusader
Ghazala Breakthrough
Siege of Bardia

Italy 1944
Monte Cassino

France 1944
Operation Totalize
Defence of Chambois

Netherlands 1944

Germany 1945

No Polish unit fought at all these places and the front shifting is not really realistic, but neither is it in SSIs Blitzkrieg! campaign, and people do not seem to mind. I chose to have only one path in Poland (of the Army Poznan) rather than several. In France I chose the 1ere Division Infanterie Polonaise and did not picture the battles fought in Bretagne or by the second Polish division. Likewise, I excluded the later fighting in Italy since the player's core is on France at that time. I did not include an Arnhem scenario since the player's core would be an armoured division at that point, which would make the scenario strange. Most of these choices I made to have a plausible and semi-realistic campaign path, besides, I think it made for interesting scenarios.

You can only be kicked out of the campaign if you lose Kampinoski Forest or Defence of Chambois, in all other cases you can continue even if you lose. Some of these battles were historically losses for the Poles and some players might find some of them difficult to win at all - should you feel that the enemy is too strong, circle the wagons, gain as much experience as possible and live to fight another day. :bullhorn Losses in some scenarios are completely acceptable.

The prestige in the campaign is set to allow you a decent core. You might not be able to have BOTH Firefly tanks and a big airforce, but either or is completely doable, and if you get one or more prototypes, a small force of both is even probable.

The cap will increase a lot at Tobruk - this is to give you the prestige needed to upgrade to British equipment and motorise your troops - it is recommended that you go for upgrades rather than new units, as the cap will go down to normal levels after that.

Prototypes are only available in the first of the scenarios in Poland to represent historical accuracy - after that, the Polish production facilities were pretty much over-run. In all scenarios after Poland, Norway and France prototypes are freely available though.

In the desert scenarios there are special map files. The escarpment along the coast is escarpment hexes, so look out, you might not be able to go from the coast to the inland and back as you please. Also, all hexes with a major road (Axis Ring Road or Via Balbia) are CLEAR to make it more realistic to supply - stay ON the major road to resupply, do not drive out in the terrain trying to find a rough hex.

Explore some of the possibilities of AK 0.5 as you play. Poland has some interesting choices in self-propelled Flak late war, so having one or two from the beginning could perhaps be smart, as they can also help protect your troops from the strong German air force in the early part of the campaign.

At times the intros and outros for each scenario might feel long - you don't have to read them, but often they contain some information on the battle ahead, hints that can help you. I tried to tell the story of the Polish troops in the west in the texts and if you read them, I hope you get a feeling for your Colonel and Captain Wocie and their struggle with the other Free Poles.

I'll be playing myself and watch the forum like a hawk to try to answer any question you might have.

Watch the trailer for the campaign and play!

von Adler

Playing levels are as follows:
FM level 0%
General's Level 50%
Officer's level 100%
NCO's level 150%
Troopies level 200%


Download package for OpenGen:

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