CC XXXV Announcement

Czech-o-Slovak-o-mania! Czechoslovak Campaign by Dennis Felling and Axis Slovakia by Patrice Gaudette for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XXXV Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 21:36, Friday


JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXXV
Dennis Felling's Czechoslovak Campaign 1939-45
Arpitec's Axis Slovakia
(with the Adlerkorps 4000 Efile)

Otherwise known as
Czech-o-Slovak-o-mania!! :banana

Part I - Czechoslovakian Campaign

Czechoslovakia was the first country that was occupied by Germany against its wishes. Europe was not willing to wage war for this crime. But a force of Czechoslovakians escaped their country and would fight their enemy, the Germans, wherever possible. Small skirmishes in Polish Campaign were followed by seeking refuge in neutral Rumania. From there on, the Czechoslovak Legion was evacuated to France. Here too, the Czechoslovaks were commited when the Germans were close to complete victory.

Yet, the Czechoslovaks continued their struggle to liberate their country. In the Middle-East they fought alongside the British in Operation Exporter. Then the Czechoslovaks became part of the famous garrison of Tobruk. They helped holding the port, and breaking its siege in Operation Crusader. After these adventures, the Czechoslovak brigade was used in France to capture the German-held port of Dunkirk. However, the Germans proved to be a worthy and excellent opponent despite years of fighting. The war ended with the Czechoslovaks still besieging Dunkirk, and finally accepting its surrender. In the days immediately following the war, a small force had been send through Germany to enter Czechoslovak territory again. A warm welcome in Prague was to be attended!

This campaign was playtested at 100% prestige; very inexperienced players may want to start at 150% or higher, which will gain you extra prestige.

After covering the Czechoslovak actions in WW1, I now have covered them in WW2 (with the exception of the Czechoslovaks fighting alongside the Soviets)! :-D Now Adler has another country covered with a campaign, and frankly it is a fun campaign but history did not allow to make the campaign longer. So it is REALLY short. But it gives you a chance to play the Free Czechs.

Prestige is given generous. You start with a fighter and will be able to upgrade to a modern Spitfire, which you will need. But also all fancy units can be bought, including tanks, which is historical. You can also use all prestige to create a core of engineers and artillery but that might be less fun. Remember, the campaign is pretty short, so live it large. ;)

Part II - Axis Slovakia

Slovakia's Armed Forces took part in the invasion of Poland, and briefly fought the Hungarians before participating in their most dangerous endeavor-the invasion of the Soviet Union.

The Slovak contribution in Russia included several divisions (one of them motorized) and lasted from 1941-1943.

In 1944 a part of the Slovak Army rebelled against the Nazis and their uprising lasted from the end of August until late October 1944.

The playing levels for the campaign are:

ATTENTION MOMSTERS! CC35 Playing levels. Please read notes below!

Czech campaign

Field Marshal - 0%
General - 25%
Officer - 100%
NCO - 150%
Troopie - 151+%

Monkey - Only playing one of the two campaigns

Slovak campaign

Field Marshal - 25%
General - 75%
Officer - 125%
NCO - 200%
Troopie - 201+%

Monkey - Only playing one of the two campaigns
  • Please note carefully the different playing levels in Czech-o-Slovakia-o-mania for the Czech campaign and the Slovak campaign. The Slovak component of the Challenge is much more difficult, and prestige harder to come by.
  • There is at least one scenario in the Slovak campaign (the very first one) where anything other than a loss will require superhuman skill, the luck of the Irish and a fifth of whiskey for the AI. There are other scenarios where a loss is quite possible. The first scenario is historically correct, and the risk of failure for the Slovak forces in most of its engagements was real. You will not be kicked out of the campaign if you lose, so do not despair.
  • Players will get credit for the CC at whichever is the lower level chosen for the two campaigns. For example, playing at the General level in the Czech component and the Troopie level for the Slovak component will gain credit at the Troopie level for the CC.
  • Those completing only one component will be credited at the :monkey level.

Download package for OpenGen:

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