CC XXXVII Announcement

Panzerzug! by Steve Brown for Pacific Theater Efile.

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CC XXXVII Announcement

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JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXXVII
Steve Brown's
(with the Pacific Equipment File)


:hi Welcome to CC37... my "Panzerzug!" Campaign. If you have played this campaign before you know what to expect. If you have not, you should read the "how to" PDF document included in the readme section of the campaign download.

The most important thing is that some scenarios are almost impossible to play without the correct tactics. Specifically; from about scenario 6 onwards, where you get some strong artillery cars, you often must lure the Russians to your train where they can be destroyed. If you do not use your Panzerzug cars (particularly artillery) to support your operations you will find the scenarios very hard.

Otherwise, please read the campaign documentation for information about unit types and how to use them. :naughty

Another note is that in some scenarios you have to perform anti-partisan operations that may involve killing civilians who get in the way. This is not done because I approve of such things, but rather to remind you that the Eastern Front was not always a nice place for a unit that did indeed participate in anti-partisan operations.

Please note: You must use version 1.01 of my campaign (there is a v1.00 which should not be used). If you are not sure which version you have, please download the "CC37 version".

Whether you have played before or not, I hope you enjoy CC37!! :howdy


The playing levels for the campaign are:

Field Marshal - 50%
General - 100%
Officer - 150%
NCO - 200%
Troopie - 300%


Download package for OpenGen:

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