CC XXXIX Announcement

Japanese War 1937-45 by Mike Thorne for Pacific Theater Efile.

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CC XXXIX Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 22:34, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Are proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXXIX
Mad Mike Thorne's
Japanese Campaign
(with the Pacific efile)

(Campaign modification by :grim and Highlander)

Playing levels are as follows:
FM level - 25%
General's Level - 50%
Officer's level - 100%
NCO's level - 200%
Troopies level - over 200%

Imporant note
Please notice that you will have to use the campaign version which is available in the download. You can NOT use the original campaign version from 2001.

This is JP's Panzers first Japanese CC. This special version is an updated and modified version of Mike's old version which was released in 2001 and featured scenarios by Steve Brown and Pat Fitzgibbon. The main reason for updating the campaign was because of the changes made to the Pacific efile since the release of the campaign in 2001.

Some of the original scenarios have been set to new maps, mainly thanks to the wonderful map work done by the boys in the LatinGenerals (Santiago and Pablo) for their Japanese campaign which was released earlier this year, so we hope that you won't feel that this was original an old-style campaign. Having said that this campaign makes no pretense on being an historically correct campaign, but mimics the what-if character of the standard SSI campaigns. However compared to the other early Japanese campaigns, this campaign was of a considerably better standard both with regards to scenario gameplay and attention to details, such as naming of units.

With the arrival of PG2 2.20 it becomes even more interesting to play this campaign since it opens up the possibility for fielding ships with leaders. So if you for instance want to field a leadered Yamato :evil, we suggest you play the campaign at 100%.

The campaign path has an intitial run of 6 scenarios before a first decision scenario which lets you choose between the Philippines OR South East Asia.. These both paths converge on a second decision scenario which gives you THREE choices (Burma/India, New Guinea or Guadalcanal) before ending the campaign in Japan.
The number of scenarios will be between 16 and 19 if you disregard the two decision scenarios. If you want to field a Yamato please note that choosing the Burma/India path is NOT a good idea..:poke

Many thanks to the original campaign designer MadMike1 for letting us tinker with his campaign.

:grim and Highlander


Download package for OpenGen:

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