CC XL Announcement

Deutsche Marinekorps Campaign by Dennis Felling for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XL Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 22:40, Friday

JP’s Panzers

Are proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XL

Dennis Felling's

Deutsche Marinekorps Campaign

(with a modified AK efile)

Playing levels are as follows:
Admiral – 25%
Commodore – 50%
Captain – 100%
Petty Officer - 200%
Cadet – over 200%

:monster CC Momsters© Note:
For the duration of this CC, Bismarck is regarded as the Superunit, it would be disappointing if you didn’t have at least one.

Introduction by Dennis Felling:
Once again, I must say that I'm honored to have one of my campaigns selected again for a CC. Already my fourth if I'm not mistaken. From here, a thanks goes to the CC team who is providing some essential work for the PG2 community.

Why this campaign? I made this campaign because I so much enjoyed Andreas Seidel’s old “Das Deutsche Marinekorps” campaign where you had ships in your core. I found and find it so cool. So I made a modern version of it with everything new that was ready at the time. But then disaster struck, the 2.10 patch came out and made ships purchasable. This was an incredible good thing but I needed to make some changes in the campaign. I can only say that it is now better than it was ever before. You will be able to buy heavy ships, like the Bismarck, get a carrier force, with the Graf Zeppelin and carrier-borne fighters and bombers. It is really a new experience! I hope the campaign is well balanced and playable by everyone. Some scenarios are harder than others and sometimes, especially in the last scenarios, core losses will not be an exception. Most likely you will be losing quite some units in the very last scenario.

For JP's Panzers Campaign Challenge 40, I decided to update the campaign to modern standards. With new 2.20 patch it is possible to receive leaders on both FlaK and ships which is really fun. In this new version I added two new scenarios: Hel in Poland in September 1939 and Kolberg in Germany in March 1945. Some excellent maps of these areas were made since version 1.00 and both battles involved German naval and ground units. This version also contains a better system of in-scenario vs victoryprestige with the consequence that it now really pays of if you are playing at 50% or at 200%. Finally, in the scenarios in the Mediterranean, you can no longer deploy your ships, what was possible in version 1.00. But it made no sense having big German ships there as how would they pass Gibraltar?

Special Rules for those playing CC40:

:bullhorn You're not allowed to buy/upgrade to Italian units, remember that there is a reason that this campaign is called the German Marinekorps campaign

(If you're playing with Dennis' first version there will be possible to buy Italian equipment - don't get tempted! - This possibility was removed in the version now currently in the download)


:bullhorn You're not allowed to deploy your ships in the Dalmatia scenario


Download package for OpenGen:

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