CC XLI Announcement

Black Angels: The 5th SS Wiking by George (MG43) for Composite Efile.

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CC XLI Announcement

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CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLI


Black Angels: The 5th SS Wiking v2.0

(with the Composite efile)

In December 1940, the first truly international division of the Waffen-SS was born. SS-Division (mot) Germania, (whose name was soon changed to SS-Division (mot) Wiking), was created around three motorised infantry regiments: Germania, formed mostly from ethnic Germans; Westland, consisting mainly of Dutch and Flemish volunteers; and Nordland, comprised mostly of Danes, Swedes and Norwegians. Command of the newly formed division was given to SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Felix Steiner, the brilliant former commander of the SS-VT's Deutschland Regiment. After its formation was complete, Wiking was sent to Truppen-Ubungsplatz Heuberg in Germany for training. By April 1941, Wiking was deemed combat-ready...

A historical campaign, (as far as can be portrayed by using the medium of PG2), tracing the 5th Waffen SS division Wiking's involvement in WW2...

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will only be able to upgrade, add to, or buy replacements for, your attached Airfleet at the beginnings of the "Operation Maus" and "Kovel" scenarios; these being the only opportunities where you will be able to do so. Also all ground forces in your Armee must remain and be made up of Waffen SS units only...

For a much tougher challenge, insert the contents of the "Special" archive into your Pg2 dat file after you install the Comflag and Comdossier files...


The Composite Equipment file for Panzer General 2 contains most military and semi-military units of the Major and not so major combatant nations involved in WW2. The more unsavory of these units are also included, as unpurchasable units, available only to the designer. There is one reason, and one reason only: historical accuracy in modelling certain scenarios where these above mentioned units played a MILITARY ROLE only! Therefore no political statement is intended, and none should be taken, concerning the units contained within the Composite Equipment file.

INFANTRY: Infantry has been broken down into their constituent parts. Thus you will find MG, PIAT, Panzerschreck, Molotov Cocktail, etc. type units available in the Infantry class. The reason for this approach is one of flexibility in designing different scale scenarios, and also to add more variety to possible purchase options at HQ.

HEX CAPTURING ABILITY: Most units are able to capture cities, VHs, and SHs. This includes AD, FlaK, and Artillery units.

SUPPORT FIRE: Units with an "@S" after their names are able to automatcially supply support fire to any adjacent friendly ground unit that is attacked. Artillery units with an "@s" after their names will not provide the normal support fire of the Artillery class. This is usually offset by the particular artillery unit having a range of attack of 5 or more hexs.

CROSS CLASS UNITS: Most cross-class units are available only to the designer, meaning they are unpurchasable "in game".

PROTOTYPES: Usually, only the weapons of war are available as prototypes. For example: most regular infantry units will not be received as prototypes, although there are some key exceptions :)

@C=Combat Support
@S=Support Fire
@s=No Support Fire
(c)=captured equipment

Well that's basically it. Thank you to the CC team for selecting Black Angels: The 5th SS Wiking v2.0 as CC 41. Now fire up the engines, lock and load, and enjoy!

Happy Blasting



Wiking is a very difficult campaign at the lower prestige levels, historically and by design. Players at the FM and General level should expect to achieve TVs in many scenarios, as casualties among your troops reduce combat effectiveness and because Wiking’s objectives were often very ambitious (read far flung on the game maps). With some luck, V’s are possible, but BV’s are very unlikely.

The AI has spotting bunkers to make its play less stupid. Weakened units will be found and actively hunted by AI air force and ground units that will exploit gaps in the player’s line. CAP and AD coverage will be essential to keeping units alive that have suffered heavy casualties, and towed artillery, AD and AT units are vulnerable to enemy air power.

Prestige is not plentiful, and at the 20% and 60% level players will need to make hard decisions about retrofitting units to reduce the risk of core losses, or husbanding prestige to buy “that extra unit” at HQ between scenarios. Similarly, there will be tough decisions for players at this level on upgrading units, or buying new. The cap will not be a problem for players at 20% and probably won’t be a problem at 60%, so upgrading to keep core values low is less of a priority.

Bottom line - The General and Field Marshal levels are very challenging, and a TV is a good result, so don’t be disappointed.

Playing levels are as follows:

Reichsführer-SS – 20%
SS-Oberstgruppen-Führer – 60%
SS-Obersturmführer – 100%
SS-Unterscharführer - 150%
SS-Schütze – 200%+

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Waffen SS Pz Divisions have King Tigers, that’s all we’re saying.


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