CC XLII Announcement

US Army Southwest Pacific Campaign by Steve Brown for Pacific Theater Efile.

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CC XLII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-21 09:41, Saturday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLII

Steve Brown's

US Southwest Pacific Campaign, v0.99

(with the Pacific Equipment File)

Welcome to CC42. For CC42 we are doing something a little different - we are releasing a new campaign (or somewhat new) as a CC.

What is the US Southwest Pacific Campaign (USSWPC)?

The USSWPC is an extension of my US New Guinea Campaign (USNGC) that adds scenarios at the start and end (mainly in the Philippines) and makes some changes to the original campaign. In the Philippines scenarios you can buy Filipino units. There are a few surprises in the campaign... that I hope you find to be "fun" ;).

What should I know if I have played the USNGC before?

The new scenarios are somewhat different to the old scenarios; there are some defensive and offensive scenarios, including a number of amphibious scenarios. Unlike the USNGC, the USSWPC does not start with core units - you have to buy your original core. The original USNGC scenarios are largely the same as the old ones, but with a few small changes.

What should I know if I have not played the USNGC before?

This campaign was always intended to be different from campaigns set in Europe and Africa to reflect the realities of the Pacific war. The scenarios mostly consist of close quarters battles for small sections of large maps. Your core should consist of plenty of infantry (mostly not with transport), artillery, recon, AD and AT with maybe a tank or two and you may even be able to afford aircraft (prestige is very tight throughout most of the campaign).

Your tactics should not be blitzkrieg tactics. Rather, you should make sure your units are well-supported when they move and use plenty of artillery and air support. You may find that aircraft and artillery are often not so good at destroying the enemy - your purpose should be to soften the defenders and THEN attack. If you use the appropriate tactics to jungle warfare I think you will have fun ;) but there are some extremely difficult scenarios in the campaign - which reflect the actual battles.

An important note is that I "invented" bunker stacks during the making of the original USNGC and some of my early stacks are big... so there are a few scenarios with somewhat annoying bunker stacks.

Note about bugs.
Due to the nature of this campaign your AAR reports will give unusual results for the list of campaigns played - there is nothing I (or Luis!) can do about this, but I recommend you at least use the most recent version of the Suite.

I hope you enjoy CC42. I am very interested in any feedback before I release the final version of the campaign and the next version of the Pacific Equipment File.


Playing Levels:

25% Field Marshal’s level
50% General
100% Officer’s
200% NCO
300% Troopie


Download package for OpenGen:

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