CC XLIII Announcement

Rising Sun by Santiago Fuertes and Pablo Schlegel for Latin Generals Efile.

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CC XLIII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-21 09:45, Saturday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLIII

Santiago Fuertes and Pablo Schlegel 's

Rising Sun

(with the LG efile)

NOTE FROM CC TEAM: You must use the download linked below for CC43!!!!!

4 Black Ships

In the 8th of July, 1853, two hundred years of isolationism ended just when the commodore Matthew C. Perry arrived to the Yedo harbour (now Tokyo), sailing from the USA with four warships, following orders from the president Millard Fillmore. The land of the last samurais welcomed for first time in his history the US flag, just with extrange formations of soldiers, equiped sometimes like samurais, and sometimes like musketeers from the 17th century. The japanese refused to open his sacred land to that foreigners, just a few dutch were tolerated in a closed and forbbiden part of Nagasaki, but the cannons of the US Navy would be later a good reason to not to bother the new visitors. Then, after give a letter from the president to the Tokuwaga shogunate representatives, Perry left the japanese coast for China. The US flag, the 31st US flag carried on the Perry's ship, would return to Japan many years later, to re-open Japan to the world, again using the force.

When Perry left the Japanese islands, he believed he had visited a pseudo barbaric and still plenty of shadows asiatic land, while, in the other hand the japanese had detailed maps from the USA and knew many details about the US political system, even they had done some studies about the Russian army. Miscalculations like this about the japanese, will badly surprise the zarist Russia first in 1905, during the Russo - Japanese war, when the japanese got a overwhelming victory agaisnt the russians in the challenge for the control of Manchuria. Japan entered soon after the Perry's visit into the Meiji period, when the emperor's power was restored after a civil war agaisnt the Tokugawa shogunate. The Meiji goverment tried to make big changes and carried out great modernization efforts to create a powerful Japan, following the will of being likely the westerners.

The Great War suposed a golden opportunity to increase the regional japanese power during the Taysho emperor. Japan joint the allies, and soon controled the most of the German colonies in the Pacific. The japanese weapons will be silent only for some years more. The imperialist japanese task wake up another time more during the 1930 decade, just 4 years before of the end of the Taysho period. The rise of the Showa emperor Hiro-Hito (Showa ironically means ''enlightened peace period'') carried the rise of the japanese ultranationalism too, destroying soon any sight of the precarious Taysho democracy. A militarist goverment was the replacement. The first bloody decission will be strike an old enemy again, China. In 1932, all Manchuria fell into the japanese Kwantung army hands without problems. Some years before, in 1937, the Second Sino Japanese war begun. The war for you will began too at your PG2 in 1937 with the attack on Shanghai, a good training for the next challenges you will engage during the Rising Sun campaign, in which you will be able to re-write the japanese history, and give back the visit of 1853 to the americans, maybe some day, or... maybe receiving it again.

Prepare your troops to fight everywhere in Asia, the Pacific... or beyond, the emperor expects the very best from you!.

*** A few considerations about Rising Sun.

We have tried to design all the scenarios accordingly with the history, adding too the most accurate order of battle for each scenario. Even, the hypotetical scenarios have been created after studying japanese plans or based on the japanese tactics used in true battles and operations.

You will find a wide variety of scenarios in Rising Sun, so there won't be any advice about the recommended composition of your troops or about the tactics... they depend both on each general. The war on Asia and the Pacific it's a war on the ground, on the sea, and on the sky. Sometimes you will need to defeat the enemy navy, to achieve the victory on the ground.

Playing levels are as follows:
Taisho (General) – 25%
Chusa (Lt Colonel) –50%
Shoui (2nd Lt) – 100%
Gunso (Sergeant) - 200%
Nitohei (Private) – 300%+

:monster CC Momsters© Note:
We want to see some suicide units.......Yamato is a suicide unit :naughty
Note: If you play at 25% and take the Iwo Jima path, don't come crying to us.


Download package for OpenGen:

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