Latest Oficial release (15-Oct-2019)

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Latest Oficial release (15-Oct-2019)

Post by LuisGuzman » 2019-10-06 06:26, Sunday

Official release is available.

Change-log for release
* There were yet a glitch with the "Win by taking asny flag" feature. It is fixed

Change-log for release
  • Ranges for Air-Attack, Air-Defense and Intercepting added to unit's dropdown tooltip.
  • AI3: remove penalty to recons because in spotting border
  • Fixed a issue when a ground unit arrives in a container as reinforce. Ground unit must be set to arrive in same turn than container.
  • Added another outline for Air Defense range. Requires additional 6 rows in hex_outlines.png (25 rows)
  • Bug report fixed and stores user and mail in settings
  • Fixed the use of "No buy" and "No AI buy" specials when reading .buy4 files
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