A wish - map type and save file

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A wish - map type and save file

Post by Jaro » 2020-02-25 14:25, Tuesday


I would like the game to store the information about the map type used (jpg - tile) in the save game file.
Currently, I can select if use only tile maps or jpg map. I can switch the map every time.
But I sometimes play 2-3 scenarios on tile map and some next on jpg maps. The tile maps are sometimes more readable but jpg is nicer. That why I want the game to remember what kind of map I use when loading from the save game.

Any one else would like to have it?

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Re: A wish - map type and save file

Post by lvjtn » 2020-02-27 08:45, Thursday

as you can use the <alt> + <t> hotkey to switch between tiled and / picture modes easily, i don't think it's necessary to change anything. just my :2cents

(btw. i haven't noticed the filter option of the hotkeys before, it's amazing. :yes great job, Luis! :bow )
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