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About visibility with original resolution

Posted: 2020-05-24 13:11, Sunday
by Cobra_mk3
Personally for me at original my screen resolution 1680*1050 the details in Opengen looking are too small for comfort playing. It seems as trying old good panzer general 2 with maximum resolution at modern screen.

I tried zoom and another resolutions but details still looking too small.

I choosing 800*600 for playing but it is very strange for me because i have working and gaming at original screen resolution without any problem.
And when i playing with friend by remote desktop with that old resolution some details interference for him and look blurry.

Can you advise some idea for resolve this problem?

Re: About visibility with original resolution

Posted: 2020-05-24 20:54, Sunday
by Micha
I"m playing in 800 to 600 resolution for almost 10 years for the same reason, small units. But i think there is nothing you can do.
If you want to see a big part of the map the units become small. If you want big units the map becomes small. :dunno