CC XLIV Announcement

The War of the Negus by Patrice Gaudette for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XLIV Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-21 10:14, Saturday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLIV


The War Of The Negus

(with the Adlerkorps efile)

I was inspired to develop this campaign by a guy named "Radu Pirca" on the Praetorians Oasis Forum.
I remember this guy writing that he had tried to make an Ethiopian campaign but in the end he thought that it was an impossible task to accomplish.
His idea suddenly became a challenge for me.

The making of this campaign took me a year.
With the help of an excellent book on the subject and a lot of research on english, french and italian history websites.
An E-file with all the Ethiopian units (Thanks to Adler).
New Ethiopian and Italian units were created as well as new icons.
Unit names in Amharic language were given to me by Ethiopians from an Ethiopian web forum.
It has been a long and difficult task, but now I'm proud to show the result of my work to you as a PG2 Campaign Challenge.

I tried to keep this campaign as historical as possible. In reality, the Ethiopians lost all of their battles in this war except for a draw in scenario #3 and scenario #13 and a win in the last scenario #14. Still you will have the chance to change history because you will have the possibility to win for the Ethiopian side.

It won't be easy. You will have to use Ethiopian massed attacks (The KIA ratio was 10 Ethiopians for 1 Italian). You will also need to use air defense against the enormous Italian air force with their bombs and mustard gas. Anti-tank units will also be needed. Get ready for a different war !

Have fun !
Patrice (Arpitec)

Playing levels are as follows:
50%----Ras (Field Marshall)
75%----Dejaz (General)
100%---Shambel (Officer)
150%---Asiralleka (NCO)
200%---Gwandari (Troopie)

:monster CC Momsters© Note:
We want to see at least one massed pointy stick all or nothing attack.

Special Rules concering scenario 11 and 13:

At scenario 11 there are special rules concerning what type of core you're allowed to use.
(You will have to downgrade your infantry to a specific type AND you're not allowed to field arty units nor tanks - see the intro text for scenario 11 (Addis Abeba) for specific information)

At scenario 13 you will have to downgrade your arty to mortar units (AND you're not allowed to use your tanks)

Players playing at 100% or below will have to follow these rules in order to be listed on the scroll of honour, while players playing at higher prestige levels (ie 101% or more) can do as they please.

At these three levels you will HAVE TO follow the core rules
50%----Ras (Field Marshall)
75%----Dejaz (General)
100%---Shambel (Officer)

At these two levels you can do as you please (either follow or not)
150%---Asiralleka (NCO)
200%---Gwandari (Troopie)


Download package for OpenGen:

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