CC XLV Announcement

Guderian’s Gambit by Doug Hone for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XLV Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-21 10:18, Saturday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLV

Doug Hone's

Guderians Gambit

(with the Adlerkorps efile)

Hey Momsters
I started this project way back in October 2000 when I began work on a campaign about my favourite German General, Heinz Guderian. It was my first campaign and used my first maps and the old Waffenkammer efile. Even when I was making the original campaign I knew that I had not only missed all the battles in Poland but those in Russia as well. I released the campaign and always planned a 2nd expanded version. Soon after the quality of efiles was improved and in 2002 I converted the campaign to Adlers efile but never released it. In June 2004 I began the expansion of the campaign with the release of my Grudziadz map, a scenario was made on it and I took a break. August 2005 saw the release of my Bialystok map and the 2nd and 3rd scenarios constructed on it followed in March 2006 by the Brest map and its scenario. Another break was had before in April of 2008 I released the Chelm map and started a concerted effort to finish the project. In early July 2008, Highlander approached me with his idea to make my Guderian campaign into a CC on its release. This sounded exciting and rather daunting at the same time as I had only just started the scenarios in Russia and had not had any of the campaign playtested as yet but it also spurred me into action and the result is something I am very proud of and hope you all enjoy playing.

Happy Hunting.

Rules and purchasing.
The campaign has a suggested core, which if playing by the rules must be the core that you deploy. The units are class only and are dependent on what you can afford to buy. For example, players on 25% may field 3 Motorized Infantry units while those on 100% will be able to field 3 SS Infantry units etc. If playing by the rules the recommended purchase must be what you buy at HQ however once again this is class only. Units won as prototypes may be added to the player core as substitutions for similar units under the rules and freely added to the core without rules. Prototypes not able to be added to the core under the rules at that time should be kept for later in the campaign where they may them become deployable.

Each scenario brief has the recommended purchases and the suggested core composition as well as instructions from OKH for your forces and also player information from me from time to time.
Every scenario has the top-left hexes named with a reminder of the recommended purchase and a cheat/hint about the current scenario.

Under the rules any unit can be purchased or upgraded and deployed of the class allowable at the time, eg- An Infantry unit with truck can be upgraded at any time to a Sturmpioneer with 1/2 track and deployed if allowed.

Also using the rules, any Prototype won may be added to the players core as substitute for another unit of the same class that is deployable at that time, eg- a He111 can be added to the core in place of the Ju-87 with the being Stuka sold. Any Prototype won should be retained even if it is not allowed to be deployed at the time as later in the cam it may be allowed and so will save the player having to purchase it.

The final core composition under the rules is:-
5x Tank.
1x Anti-Tank
5x Infantry.
2x Recon.
3x Artillery.
1x Air Defence.
1x Fighter.
1x Tac Bomber.

Playing levels are as follows:
25% with Rules--- Field Marshall
50% with Rules ---- General
100% with Rules ---- Officer
150% with Rules--- NCO
Any% without Rules--- Troopie

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CC XLV Announcement


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