CC XLVI Announcement

22. Infanterie-Division by Dennis Felling for Adlerkorps Efile.

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CC XLVI Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-21 12:23, Saturday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLVI

Dennis Felling's

22.Infanterie-Division Campaign, 1939-45

(with the Adlerkorps efile)


CC46 features a special CC version of Dennis Felling's 22 Infanterie Division. Players need to use this version (version 1.1) and not Dennis' original version. (The campaign has been slightly tweaked by PzManiac to better fit into our CC mould). Please note that you can't have both Dennis' original version (version 1.0) and this version (version 1.1) installed at the same time, since they use identical names on all scenario files.

Here is Dennis' historical intro.

In 1935 the 22. Infanterie Division of the new German Army, the Wehrmacht, was created. One regiment, the 16th, participated in the invasion of Poland; the rest of the division stayed in garrison on the West Wall in case of a preemptive French attack. Retrained as 22. Luftlande Infanterie Division (Air Landing Infantry Division) for rapid tactical deployment to captured enemy airbases. It performed in that role during the invasion of the Netherlands suffering heavy losses

The 22.Infanterie-Division next took part in the Invasion of the Soviet Union as a part of Armeegrupp Sud, fighting in southern Russia with the 11.Armee. As ordinary ground infantry it moved through Romania, crossed the Prut River and fought to the Djnestr River and Stalin Line, which it fought through. Moving on to cross the Bug and Dnjepr Rivers, the division eventually fought into the Crimea where it took part in fierce and bloody fighting for Sevastopol. The 22.Infanterie-Division led the assault against the heavily defended fortress city in its sector and stormed numerous Soviet positions until Sevastopol surrendered in 1942.

Thereafter the 22.Infanterie-Division (LL) was transfered to Crete where it took part in security and occupation operations until 1944. During its occuption of Crete, the 22.Infanterie-Division was also used as the main assault force in various amphibious assault operations in the Aegean Sea in 1943, most notably against the Islands of Kos and Leros.

Joining the German withdrawal from the Balkans, in fear of being cut off by Soviet armies, it retreated from Macedonia through the rough terrain of Yugoslavia towards Austria. Usually being the rearguard of the retreating Armygroup it fought numerous bloody and intenste fighting, May 1945 the division was few kilometers away from the Austrian border...

Special campaign deployment rules:

Please note that this is in essence a fixed core campaign, where you take command of an infantery division, so there are rules that you will have to follow as to deployment. Please read the scenario intros which will tell you what units to buy when. Please note that you're NOT allowed to buy any transports to your infantery units, although you're allowed to buy wagons on your AT, arty and Flak/AD - and self-propelled AT/arty/flak/AD are NOT allowed. When it comes to infantery types you have to follow the indications given in the introduction - meaning 9 regular Infantery and 1 Sturmpioniere - these Infantery units will later have to be upgraded to Grenadier units- Fielding OTHER types of Infantery is NOT allowed according to these rules)

Special Rules: clarifications for new challenges (started after 2009)

a) Purchasing of new units
The scenario introduction will tell you what to buy when. You're NOT allowed to buy MORE units and you're not allowed to buy LESS units. Infantry has to be bought according to the purchasing rules in the scenario introduction, whereas you can choose freely what recon, AD/AT/arty you want to field.

b) Purchasing of units to replace lost units
As long as you have prestige available you must replace lost units to keep the division at full strength (and keep the requisite number of units on the map) (lex Tor :p )

c) Upgrading transports
You're not allowed to upgrade your wagon transports on your AT, arty and Flak/AD (lex Blitzstoper :p)

d) Upgrading units
You're allowed to freely upgrade your recon, AD, AT, arty as long as you don't upgrade the transport and/or upgrade into a self-propelled AD/AT/arty. When it comes to these unit classes please disregard upgrading rules that are found in the original text messages.. Infantry class units on the other hand has to be upgraded according to the purchasing rules.

Difficulty levels:

Since this is a fixed core campaign the difference in playing levels will obviously not be that big. Compared to lower prestige levels when playing at 100% or above you can replace losses easier, and you can also refit units during the scenarios as well as OS units.

Playing levels are as follows:
0% with Rules--- Field Marshall
50% with Rules ---- General
100% with Rules ---- Officer
150% with Rules--- NCO
Any% without Rules--- Troopie


Download package for OpenGen:

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