CC XLVIII Announcement

German Ostfront & Freikorps Campaign 1916-19 by Toliy for Baltic Efile.

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CC XLVIII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-21 13:32, Saturday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLVIII


German Ostfront & Freikorps Campaign 1916 - 1919 Version 4.0

(with a modified Baltic efile)

The German Freikorps were a new breed of the German army. They appeared in late 1918 as volunteer units both on the Eastern Front and at home. The distinguishing characteristic of these men from other military units of the Kaiserreich was their intense loyalty to Germany and love of combat.

After the Armistice, the Freikorps formed the backbone of the Reichswehr military. With the rise of Bolshevism in Russia, the Freikorps were sent--as part of a deal with the Entente--to contain the Reds in the Baltics. By this time, the ranks of the Freikorps included many Baltic Germans with family, feudal, and estate ties to the region.

As time progressed, the idealism of loyalty and combat turned into militant nationalism and brutality. The Freikorps terror in Latvia and Lithuania became just a note in a chord of human suffering at the hands of Whites, Letts, and Reds during the bloody year of 1919.

This campaign traces the development of the Freikorps during the latter conflicts with Russia in WWI, the Freikorps involvement in rebellions from Bulgaria to Finland, and their campaign in the Baltic region.

March 13th, 2005

:monster CC Momsters© Notes:

This is the introduction to this campaign by its author Toliy. Any credit for this campaign is all Toliy’s and any short comings are that of myself and the CC TEAM. The campaign has been modified from the original which was deemed a little too challenging for a CC. You must use the efile supplied in the campaign download. It is the Baltic efile with the fighters and tactical bombers at range 1 not 4. One new scenario has been added using a map from Steve Browns Panzerzug campaign. The campaign path is now linear and I think players will find it both challenging and fun as the author had intended.

There is some extra prestige for restrengthening or replacing lost units. In the first half of the campaign if you use this to purchase new units it will put you at or over the cap. This is OK since it will restrict your victory award. Don't complain about the cap (you have been warned). :lolnod

A special thanks to dhoned (Doug Hone) and Daerandir for their insightful playtesting.

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Playing levels are as follows:
25%----Field Marshall


Download package for OpenGen:

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