CC XLIX Announcement

Hot and Spicy Curry Combo. Ball of Fire – Indian Campaign and Thai Campaign by Steve Brown for Pacific Theater Efile.

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CC XLIX Announcement

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CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge XLIX

Steve Brown's

Ball of Fire (Battles of the 5th Indian Division, 1940-46)
combined with Thai Campaign, 1940-42
aka Indian/Thai Hot and Spicy Curry Combo Campaign!

(with Pacific Equipment File)

:howdy Welcome to CC XLIX, which is another double-barelled CC that combines two of my own campaigns - Ball of Fire (Indian 5th Division Campaign) and Thai Campaign. To complete the CC you must play both campaigns in any order. You should play them at the same level (but if you do not you will be awarded the higher of the two levels you play) and if you only complete one of the campaigns you will not receive an award (but there may be a special Chicken Award ;)).

Both these campaigns are relatively straight forward campaigns and are both mainly infantry campaigns. They are also historic campaigns, although the historic aspect is somewhat "enhanced" for the Thai campaign because some battles were fought at almost the same time (specifically during the Japanese invasion). Both campaigns are unfinished... but may be completed some day if I decide to make the maps.

There are no special rules but if you have not played before I have some advice.

1. Read the scenario intros. Some have special instructions or hints.

2a. Here are purchasing instructions for the Indian campaign, from the readme:

In early scenarios you do not have to buy transport for all units, but at least mule transport is sometimes nice to have. In later scenarios truck transport is important and upgrading transport to trucks may be of more value than new units (units in trucks can move 3 hexes in the desert); Morris Quad and Bren carrier transport can make a big difference (but both are expensive). All I can say it; do not neglect transport - you may regret it.

During the African scenarios you can get some light tanks in the early scenarios (including one with recon ability), but before the end of 1941 these become unavailable and new tanks will not be available until Burma. The light tanks are cheap, but since there is a lot of mountain fighting you should not buy too many of them (1 or 2 at the most). When you get to North Africa you will be facing much more powerful German tanks - so it is worthwhile to develop some good AT units as well.

There are not many tanks in the East African part of the campaign, but the North African scenarios (except “Jalo”) have many tanks, so it is worth developing AT units. There are also Machine Gun Battalions in the AT class, which are good against soft targets.

You should have at least 1 or 2 AD units.

Indian artillery in this campaign is either 3 or 4 range, and some of the better choices have 3 range.

Armoured Cars are your best choice here, although they are more useful in the recon role than as offensive units.

Infantry will be your most important units. You should start with some AFI (Auxilliary Forces (India)) or ISF (Indian State Forces) infantry and upgrade them later as they gain experience. Gurkhas and Pioneers (Engineers) are expensive, but very useful.

Bombers and Fighters:
In the African scenarios you will only be able to buy bombers (which, strictly speaking, should not be available until Burma).

2b. The only purchasing suggestion for the Thai campaign is not to buy trucks for your infantry for the first 2 scenarios, otherwise you may not be able to afford enough units.

3. In the first scenario of the Indian campaign you can only lose... this is intentional.

4. In the Indian campaign scenario “Gazala Line loss” you will almost certainly lose some core units... this is also intentional.

5, Core units you purchase in the Indian campaign (and prototypes) will all be at 8 strength - this means that if you are calculating the amount of prestige in your core, the prestige used by the game is 80% of whatever you calculate. In later scenarios the units will have some experience, though.

Break out your pappadums and start playing!!

Playing levels are as follows:

25% Field Marshall
50% General
100% Officer
200% NCO
300% Troopie

You have to use the same level for both campaigns - otherwise you will be awarded the highest level.


Download package for OpenGen:

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