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North Korean Campaign 1950-51 by Dennis Felling for Latin Generals Efile.

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CC LI Announcement

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CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge LI

Dennis Fellings

North Korean Campaign 1950-51

(with the Latin Generals efile)

Korea has been in the hands of foreign powers for far too long. The Imperialist Japanese have been driven off our peninsula only to make room for capitalistic Americans - but only in the south. The people of North Korea have the full support from our comrades in the Soviet Union. They have supplied us with weapons, trucks, artillery, mortars, and their famous T-34 tanks! Now the time has to come to unite Korea under the communist banner and free the people of South Korea from their capitalistic oppressors!!!

Take Command of North Korean units from Seoul to the Naktong River. Fight at the Pusan Perimeter and retreat all the way across the peninsula when General MacArthur's troops land at Inch'on and threaten to cut you off. Once complete defeat looked like the only option and then the Chinese intervene and drive the United Nations troops south. Lead guerilla activity behind enemy lines while your force is being refitted. Then again command your units alongside our Chinese allies to try once more to liberate South Korea. In the summer of 1951 the major powers decide the fate of Korea by starting to negotiate a truce...

Again, thanks very much for choosing one of my campaign as a CC. I am honoured. This campaign is made a long time ago so I hope everything is still a bit exciting. The Korean war is one of few conflicts fought after WW2 that still has the WW2 flavour all over it. The North Koreans are fun to play, they start being superior but end on being dependant on Chinese human waves. Anyway, I hope you have fun. I will tag along for sure!

Kind Regards/Cheers, Dennis Felling/DF/armygroupdf

The playing levels are as follows:

25% Field Marshal's Challenge
50% General's Challenge
100% Officer's Challenge
150% NCO’s Challenge
200% and above Troopie’s Challenge

Players playing at the two lowest levels ( FM , General’s level) are as usual asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes.


Download package for OpenGen:

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