Duke Falcon's "icon insanity"

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Duke Falcon's "icon insanity"

Post by Duke Falcon » 2019-10-23 17:32, Wednesday

So, yes, well hello there!

This thread is for solely to share my icon templates for those whom need unit icons and ready to create them by simply colouring.
What?! Yes, you only need to recolour these templates to have your icons!
Why?! Because I am not an icon-maker but nothing prevents me to create some usefull templates sometimes if I wish so...

The main archive is here (I will reload it whenever I add new contents):
https://www.mediafire.com/file/lsepvc3z ... 0.zip/file

The list of included icons are the following (the fictive and naval units will not be listed only the air and ground stuffs):
  • Air stuffs:

    A-6 Intruder
    A-50 russian AWACS
    AE-6 Prowler
    B-2 Spirit
    B-70 Valkyrie
    Buccaneer with bombs
    Dassault Étendard
    Dornier Alpha-jet
    EF-111 Raven
    Eurocopter Panther
    F-14 Tomcat
    F-117 Nighthawk
    Gazelle helo
    Harrier 1-2
    Ka-58 steath helo
    Kawasaki C-1 tranport&radar versions
    Kawasaki OH-1
    Mitsubishi F-1
    PLZ I-22
    Sea Harrier
    Sepecat Jaguar
    SR-71 Blackbird
    Super Puma
    Westland Wildcat
  • Ground stuffs:

    2s5 spg
    2s35 Armata spg
    A222 Bereg
    AHS Krab
    AHS Kryl or 2s22 Bohdana
    AMX-30 AVLB
    AMX-30 DCA
    AMX-30 EBG
    BMO2 IFV
    Bulldog + 81mm grenade launcher
    C-1 Ariete
    Eurosam Aster-15
    HEMTT + 155mm cannon
    HEMMT + AD launcher
    HEMTT recovery truck
    HEMTT transport
    M104 Wolverine
    M109 Paladin
    Pancyr S1
    Panhard DCA
    Panhard ERC
    RM-70 Vampire
    SA-8 Gecko
    Stingray tank
    T-14 Armata 1-2
    T-15 Armata IFV
    T-55 IMR
    T-72 IMR
    T-72 Cobra AT launcher
    Wildcat AA
    WR-40 Langusta
How to recolour them? Tutorial for PS users (I have no clue how to do it with GIMP, perhaps someone may post it also here):
1. Load the wished picture
2. Use the "color selection" option and select the pink BG colour results that only that colour should be selected EVERYWHERE on the picture!
3. Invert selection (ctrl+shift+i, usually) results that only the units should be selected
4. Copy and paste it as a new layer (if you not did anything else the PS shall paste it right above the original ones so no need to nudge, move, etc...)
5. Duplicate layer and lock the duplicated layer what will prevents painting anywhere else but upon the active area (the units!)
6. Set the layer to "multiply" so the painted areas shall painted over the original template resulting shaded areas with the used colour
7. Paint and see the wonder! Use more colours to give intricated camo for the units!
8. Use blur to soften the coloured surfaces (OPTIONAL!) and then merge the layers
9. If you satisfied with the result "save as" and repeat the process with the other wished templates aswell.
10. Use your new icons either for your own dat files or send them to lvjtn to have them in the general repo!
Tipp: If the results are to saturated you can use PS to soften it, make more dull or so. PS have lots of options from brightness\contrast edition to editing with specific colour channels or experimenting with the overall saturation. If you learn where to find and how to use these things you would be able to create near-to-pro quality icons...

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Duke Falcon
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Private First Class
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Re: Duke Falcon's "icon insanity"

Post by Duke Falcon » 2020-06-09 18:20, Tuesday

An update occured. While I not added new items to the lists here I updated the given link. The acquirable ZIP contains a shitload of asian equipments I made for Japan, South and North Korea for PeG Modern Warfare.
So those whom wanted some far asian campaign now have tons of templates to create camoflagued icons! Enjoy and have fun!

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