Final KILLS from 1940-46 WE SEARCH FOR WAYS

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Final KILLS from 1940-46 WE SEARCH FOR WAYS

Post by Dimitris GR » 2021-10-18 19:49, Monday

If someone wants to see all my AAR, i ll be gloud to post them.
The campaign is not so hard, i really enjoy it, specially with the new scenarios at the end with the big maps of randowe, nice job.
Many thanks to randowe and of course to the designer. I wish (until i learn how to make campaigns) all the designers to upgrate their campaigns with the new amazing maps.
Once more, a big thanks to Luis too.

Anyway, I was not playing with rules, i mean i reload a couple of times and i played with 500% (me and AI) just to make more kills.
In some scenarios i could do better :dunno :dunno :dunno

Player 1 : Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany
Killed: INF:2901 TNK:275 RCN:273 AT:294 FLAK:260 FORT:508 ATY:838 AD:150 FTR:178 TB:246 LB:32 SUB:1 DD:63 BS:16 CV:5 CRs:62 Total: 6102
Lost : INF:99 RCN:15 AT:12 FLAK:17 FORT:4 ATY:18 FTR:13 TB:53 SUB:3 DD:14 CV:1 CRs:6 Total: 255

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