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British Gallipoli Campaign and The Last Crusade 1915-17 by Patrick Steinmann for Kaiser General Efile.

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CC LV Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 07:24, Sunday

CC Team presents
Patrick Steinmann's
The Last Crusade and the British Gallipoli Campaign
with the Kaiser General's e-file to be played using Open General.

FROM THE CC TEAM: JP's Panzers present a new Open Gen Campaign to be played with a new e-file - ie. Juankar's Kaiser General's e-file. This is a double bill - meaning that you will have to play BOTH campaigns in order to be counted for the scroll. Both campaigns are by Patrick Steinmann and were orignally designed for the Baltic e-file. Recently they have been converted by von Schweinewitz to Juankar's Kaiser General.

Both campaigns are fairly short and as you will notice the campaigns are also fairly different. The Last Crusade is a linear campaign which allows you to build your own core, whereas the Gallipoli campaign is more or less a fixed core campaign. Cap settings are not particularly well set so you will hit the cap even at 25%, which explains the low prestige levels for FM and General's level. Even so the quality of the scenario design is definitely above average and both campaigns are of CC standard. So let the playing begin!

Please note: It's not allowed to play this challenge by using Panzer General 2 and the Baltic e-file

Please also read the information provided in the CC LV Intel, Recon and Whining thread

Playing levels are as follows:

0%----Field Marshall

AI prestige should be set at 100%

List of scenarios:
The Last Crusade
1. Defence of the Suez Canal
2. Agagia
3. Medean Pass
4. Romani
5. Magdhaba
6. Rafa
7. First Gaza
8. Second Gaza
9. Beersheba
10. Advance on Jerusalem
11. Jerusalem

British Gallipoli Campaign
1. Cape Helles Landings
2. First Battle of Krithia
3. 2nd Battle of Krithia
4. 3rd Battle of Krithia
------Choice Scenario------ Choose whichever path you want both paths are 3 scenarios long before arriving at the last scenario - no 8---
5a. Landing at Suvla
6a. Kiretch Tepe
7a. Scimitar Hill
5b.ANZAC Breakout
6b.Chunuk Bair
7b. Hill 60
8. Cape Helles Evacuation


Download package for OpenGen:

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