CC LVI Announcement

In the Line of Fire by Andrea Bigi for Special Countries Efile.

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CC LVI Announcement

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CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge LVI

Andrea Bigi's

In the Line of Fire

(OpenGen, with Special efile)

JP's Panzers presents CCLVI Andrea Bigi's In the Line of Fire to be played using Open General or the regular PG2.20 exe - uses special equipment file for this campaign.


JP's Panzers present a new Campaign Challenge to be played with Andrea Bigi's own special countries e-file. The CC team has long been hesistant to schedule one of Bigi's campaigns as a CC. As you will see the design style is fairly outdated, and Bigi's design choice of using general strength levels for AI units make it hard to fit into our existing way of setting player levels (meaning that the strength of enemy units gradually rise from 10/10 to 15/15), meaning that in order to finish the campaign you will eventually have to have a lot of prestige in order to be able to OS your units, otherwise you will be wiped out pretty quickly.

Let it also be said that this is by no means an "historic" campaign. If you try to field a historic core you will be wiped out. This is a campaign for a :monster army with :monster units..

Let it also be said that we don't expect that everyone will finish all scenarios in the campaign. Most likely only die-hard PG2 fanatics will end at the more difficult playing levels.

There are no caps, but then again you should probably hoard prestige during the campaing, so that you can afford to buy :monster units in the late war scenarios. This means that every OS/upgrade you do early on will diminish your available prestige further on in the campaign, so short-term success might come as the cost of long-term failure. :naughty You should also expect to field a HUGE core. Apart from a couple of excellent scenarios the general level of scenario design is probably on a standard level or slightly substandard. But many of the early PG2 campaigns were in this mould. Let the playing begin!

Please also note that the campaign designer hasn't been around for a couple of years, so there is no point in :whine too much.

Please also note that you should use the campaign file found in the download. (We've had to make some adjustments to the original campaign file in order to make the campaign more suitable for a CC)

Andrea Bigi’s own introduction to the campaign.

It is a long campaign, and believe me it is really NOT easy, even for a PGII hard core player.
My advise: try to collect the more prestige you can in the first easier scenarios in order to put up an “invincible armada” by the final ones, or you will be regularly shut out by the AI from the 1944 scenarios on. You will need a lot of thousands of prestige, because to win these scenarios it is required not only the best German/Waffen SS units, but also to keep them constantly over strengthened at the maximum.
As you will see, the central part of the campaign is dominated by the war in the East, and this, if from a side could give you the chance of creating a fantastic tank force, from the other side could cause a lot of problems in the final part of the campaign, because the German player in eastern scenarios typically tends not to buy air defense units. You are strongly encouraged not to adopt this strategy, instead, because the air power of the western allies in late scenarios (especially the mix British powerful fighters+American lethal bombers) is literally devastating, and only cheating you will survive all of your core force without very powerful AD units. Well, to be honest I believe that the only way to score brilliant victories in these scenarios is to leverage on a complete jet fighter force starting from Normandy, when the ME-262 is available. Anyway, upgrading your fighters and over strengthening these invaluable jet force will cost almost all of your prestige (if you have wisely saved it before...).

Playing levels are as follows.

All players should play the campaign at 100% (both with PG2 and with Open Gen), to achieve a certain level you will have to finish a certain number of scenarios.

GOA level - you will have to finish ALL 47 scenarios in the campaign, OR you can use the :bs escape clause by taking a TV at the 46th scenario leading to a win of the campaign thus bypassing the last scenario.

FM level - you will have to finish at least 40 scenarios

General's level - you will have to finish at least 35 scenarios

Officer's level - you will have to finish at least 30 scenarios

NCO level - you will have to finish at least 20 scenarios

Troopie's level - you will have to finish at least 15 scenarios

As usual when playing at GOA, FM and General's level you should refrain from in-scenario reloading. Only scenario restarts are allowed. Please bear that in mind when you start up playing. There is no need to announce the playing level at the start of the campaign, but when you're done, please add the playing level in the subject header. Please note that after you have completed 15 scenarios you can can stop the campaign at any time and just state what level you have finish at according to the levels above.

Please note for players using Open Gen AI prestige should be set at 25%

Additional rule concerning lost scenarios
In order to avoid players cruising through to a level by amassing lost scenarios I'm afraid we will have to add this rule (the campaign announcement has been updated as of today)

Scenario losses
Please note that a finished scenario means a scenario where you have taken some sort of victory (brilliant, regular or tactical), so a lost scenario will not count as a finished scenario, meaning that if you score a loss you will have to complete successfully another scenario. (ie. With 2 losses you will need 37 scenarios for making General's level)

Scenario list including the campaign designer's difficulty level:
Scn #01 - “Storming The Republicans” (MADRID) - MEDIUM -
Scn #02 - “Fall Weiss” (KOENIGSBERG) - MEDIUM -
Scn #03 - “To Warsaw” (POLAND) - EASY -
Scn #04 - “Seizing Trondheim” (TRONDHEIM) - EASY -
Scn #05 - “Crisis At Narvik” (NARVIK) - MEDIUM -
Scn #06 - “The Ardennes Offensive” (ARDENNE3) - EASY -
Scn #07 - “Holland In Sight” (ARNHEM) - MEDIUM -
Scn #08 - “Breakout Of France” (ARRAS) - MEDIUM -
Scn #09 - “Will To Resist” (AMIENS) - EASY -
Scn #10 - “Fortress Gibraltar” (GIBRALTAR+) - HARD -
Scn #11 - “Operation Sealion Part I” (ENGLAND) - VERY HARD -
Scn #12 - “Operation Sealion Part II” (DOVER) - MEDIUM -
Scn #13 - “Battle For London” (LONDON) - HARD -
Scn #14 - “Seizing Balkans Part I” (BELGRADE) - EASY -
Scn #15 - “Seizing Balkans Part II” (CORINTH) - MEDIUM -
Scn #16 - “Seizing Balkans Part III” (CRETE2) - HARD -
Scn #17 - “Byelorussia Part I” (LITOWSK) - EASY -
Scn #18 - “Byelorussia Part II” (BOBRUISK) - MEDIUM -
Scn #19 - “Byelorussia Part III” (MOGILEV) - HARD -
Scn #20 - “The Pocket Of Kiev” (KIEV) - MEDIUM -
Scn #21 - “Towards Moscow Part I” (YELNYA) - HARD -
Scn #22 - “Towards Moscow Part II” (TULA) - VERY HARD -
Scn #23 - “Battle For The Kremlin” (MOSCOW) - HARD -
Scn #24 - “Winter Defense” (MOZHAISK) - MEDIUM -
Scn #25 - “Kharkov 1942” (KHARKOV) - HARD -
Scn #26 - “The Don Basin” (DONB) - MEDIUM -
Scn #27 - “The Majkop Oilfields” (MAIKOP) - HARD -
Scn #28 - “Battle For Stalingrad” (VOLGA) - VERY HARD -
Scn #29 - “Escaping From Stalingrad” (STALINGRAD) - HARD -
Scn #30 - “Stopping Red Tide” (ROSTOVE) - MEDIUM -
Scn #31 - “Kharkov 1943” (KHARKOV2) - VERY HARD -
Scn #32 - “Operation Zitadelle Part I” (PONYRI2) - VERY HARD -
Scn #33 - “Operation Zitadelle Part II” (KURSK) - VERY HARD -
Scn #34 - “The Dniepr Line” (KANEV) - EASY -
Scn #35 - “Defending Zhitomir” (ZHITOMIR) - VERY HARD -
Scn #36 - “The Pocket Of Korsun” (KORSUNP) - VERY HARD -
Scn #37 - “Defending Normandy Part I” (STLO) - VERY HARD -
Scn #38 - “Defending Normandy Part II” (CAEN) - VERY HARD -
Scn #39 - “Defending Provence” (TOULON) - MEDIUM -
Scn #40 - “Battle For The Meuse” (ARNHEM) - VERY HARD -
Scn #41 - “Wacht Am Rhein Part I” (ARDENNE2) - HARD -
Scn #42 - “Wacht Am Rhein Part II” (BASTOGNE) - VERY HARD -
Scn #43 - “The Vistula Front” (VISTULA) - HARD -
Scn #44 - “Battle For The Ruhr” (RUHR) - VERY HARD -
Scn #45 - “The Last Stand” (BERLIN) - HARD -
Scn #46 - “The Fuhrer Legacy” (PEENEMUNDE) - VERY HARD -
Scn #47 - “The Soviets Strike Back” (LODZ) - VERY HARD -


Download package for OpenGen:

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