CC LXI Announcement

Spezial Sturmbrigade “Bistroff” by Alexandr Bátora for OpenAK Efile.

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CC LXI Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 09:05, Sunday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge LXI
Spezial Sturmbrigade "Bistroff"
Efile is OpenAK


German Campaign 1937-1943
You take command from the civil war in Spain, to the "lightning" victories of early World War II - and beyond!

This campaign follows the fate of a fictional combined-arms Wehrmacht unit and its commander Otto Bistroff. Starting as a Spanish volunteer leading the armored column, both his rank and the size of his unit progressively rises up until the Zitadelle operation, where his brigade was decimated and most of the men killed, wounded or captured.

My take on the classic Blitzkrieg theme...
...and a tribute to one of the best PG2 designers ever! Steve, although I've never finished your difficult "Bistrov" campaign, you still deserve a hello! :-)


OpenGen, 0.80.7,7 version or newer.

The playing levels are as follows:

Field Marshal 25%
General 50%
Officer 100%
NCO 150%
Troop 200% and above

Players playing at the two lowest levels ( Marshal, General ) are as usual are asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes. This campaign is 23 scenarios.

CC Team note: This campaign has not been tested by us at 25%, play a this level at your own risk.


Download package for OpenGen:

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