unofficial EFILE_TEST v.2019-07-29

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unofficial EFILE_TEST v.2019-07-29

Post by lvjtn » 2019-03-11 11:26, Monday

i made a small efile for testing the reported bugs and the new opengen improvements

this efile is small. it contains only 5 nations and 370 units, what are mostly fictional elements with fantasy stats. so this efile is absolutely not made for playing anything but testing. that's why units have sometimes strange or rare efile special, transport / container weights, etc.

there are 14 standalone scenarios in the package, some of them made for testing tiled maps, some of them for catching bugs

i also added several templates (opengui, opendat, icons and efile text/config files)

if you want me to add more rules, scenarios, units, template files, whatever, please let me know, or (and i would really appreciate it) send me your own files

hopefully we can create a simple, small but powerful tool to Luis & og team and testing might be faster and easier :ihope

and the link:

i upgrade this small efile time to time by adding more special units or scenarios to study suspicious situations, i won't post about every minor upgrades, of course

the bigger upgrade now is the support of tiles 2.0 and .conex files with the usual templates files in the readme folder, can be interesting for the designers
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